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A damn cheap premade hanger

A damn cheap premade hanger

I’m new and can’t yet post in hangers forum, so I’m posting here.

Has anyone though of just buying a premade hanger from an auto or hardware store?
Something like this:
(Given it’s too small, but you can easily find them in the appropriate size.)

It seems as long as you wrap before putting it on, it should work great, and the best part it’s 3 dollars max, and no setup.

Leme know what you guys think, and if any of you have tried it yet. I would go out an purchase it myself but my car just blew up so I can’t get to a hardware store any time soon.

I already posted, and I forgot to add, I have seen this thread

Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions

It just seems that Lordbase’s(lol) hanger this seems the easiest to make

I’m thinking of creating the Captain’s Wench - The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

What’s the best homemade hanger as far as limiting discoloration and injuries? Is the Wench a good one?

Sm AKA The Thread Hijacker-
I use a wench. It’s good for hanging and ads. It takes some time to get use to and break in. Stick with it but don’t hurt yourself.


Your link didn’t work, but I wouldn’t trust anything made by Acme. They’re the same ones that make stuff for Wiley Coyote and you’ve seen what happens to that poor bastard.

vegeta, Thanks for your response. Didn’t mean to hijack the thread. :) I probably should have started a new one. I sometimes look for relevant threads to add a quick q to so that I don’t pollute ThundersPlace with too many similar yet separate threads. It was probably rude of me to post a q before anyone responded to his initial q. My apologies andrew.


thanks for finding Lordbases thread! About the auto parts idea, is that backing soft enough? Is it in two halves or just a pipe? If it is only one pipe, then I think it may be difficult to make constrict enough, but this is just guessing.

Personally I am sceptical to anything that takes a screwdriver to dismantle, seems a bit fidgety to me, but to return and tell us how it worked out.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by sm
I’m thinking of creating the Captain’s Wench - The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

What’s the best homemade hanger as far as limiting discoloration and injuries? Is the Wench a good one?

sm, if you’re worried about discoloration, or excessive base-skin stretch, then I would recommend staying away from the PVC style hanger. This type of hanging device doesn’t supply the necessary pressure required to attach onto the internal elements of the penis. That pressure is ultimately what controls where the force of the weights is applied. Using the PVC hanger will cause blood to pool near your glans, and it will stretch your base-skin more than your ligaments - not to mention the possibility of permanent scarring from the inside shape of the PVC where the hose clamps tighten down.

The Captn’s Wench and the production Bib model on the otherhand do an excellent job of providing adequate pressure to the internal elements of your penis, which in turn will apply most of the force to your ligaments; resulting in less base-skin stretch, and improved blood flow to your glans.

Thanks Stevie, That was exactly the info. I was hoping for. I’m going to start building the Wench this week.

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