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9+" El


9+" El

Alright, this might be a bit lengthy (no pun intended). Ok, this is my first post as you can see and:

1) Size, i am 9.25” bpel x 6+”eg. I know some of the smaller guys are going to ask why i PE, but? But i am actually close to 9.5” because i measure 9, 9 1/16, 9 1/8, 9 3/16 and 9.25 regularly without super erection quality, because the routine i’m on has me in a “fatigued” state. But, i’m pretty good at guesstimating where i am. With my length, i’m still functional for jacking off or fucking with poor EQ (erection quality).

2) I have been following this board since 9/21/03. But i am not new to PE. I’m 33 now and i started with a natural 8”bpel as a teenager. In my early 20’s i did some “instinctual” things that i now know to be length exercises. I never measured but i probably gained maybe 1/4 to 1/2” from what i was doing at that time. After finding PE info on the web in 2/03, i have been PE’ing since then.

3)I am committed because, what else do i have to do? And i will be a big gainer because i have the free time to commit to it. I have read threads such as “greedy bastards” asking about goal sizes. As for me, well let’s put it this way: If i gain the same percentage as Bib and DLD did i will be between 14 and 15”. And am i going to go that far? You’re GODDAMN right.

Now that my history is out of the way, here is the problem i am having, and would like some input as to anyones thoughts and/or solutions:

I am focused on length and i hang and do manual stretches. I use the swimcap method to attach the weights and i am developing some callousing on the left side of the ridge of the glans where the swimcap sometimes gathers and pinches. In the past i would just “tough out” the pain from the pinching until i noticed the callousing the other day.

I don’t let any overt pinching go on anymore, but to some degree it might not be 100% avoidable. In a way the swimcap is nice because of how close to the glans the cap allows you to attach the weights, but based on the above, it will probably no longer be effective after a while.

I have seen and read about the Bib Hanger, but from what i understand they are not always in production and/or available.

But back to my problem, i have this weird sensation on the left side of the penis which leads me to believe that there might be a little nerve damage. So my problem/question is:

Should i take a break or something? Use another hanging method (i don’t really want to build anything. seems to be a problem waiting to happen)? Apply some cream or something?

I don’t really want to take a break, i’ve got a good “fatigue” going and would like to keep ‘blasting’ away.

Thanks to whoever can help.

Also, i haven’t been “natural” PE’ing since 2/03. i just renewed the routine in 9/03. I jelqed and did manual stretching for two months, the newbie routine. But quit because 30min of jelqing is one hell of a taxing work out. Not just on your dick, but on your body too.

It’s aerobic because of the time, but also anaerobic because of the intensity. When i was jelqing 30 min a day i felt like i was on a power routine (weight lifting reference).

I experimented with some pumping (it had it’s benefits) and weight hanging between 2/03 and 9/03. i don’t pump anymore (i don’t say that i won’t ever again but i haven’t in a month, and don’t really have any plans to as of right now). And the hanging i did at that time was not nearly as focused as it is right now. i have gained 1/8” EL since September (actual measurement, not guesstimated).

I’m sure you’re on your way on becoming “King Dick” of this forum!


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

I suppose I can offer sane advice but this time, I’ll let others give that to you first because I’m weary of you lucky bastards. ( heavy sigh …)

Welcome to the board anyway YOU LUCKY BASTARD!

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Has any of these purported 9+” freaks ever posted a (nonpumped) pic to the member pics section??

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Good question.


Well. This is exactly why i didn’t just “jump right in” posting threads as soon as i “signed up”. If i was 5.5”, & said i am a hardgainer & my goal size is 8” x 6”, i suspect that these negative comments wouldn’t have been posted. I suspect that there would have been a bonhomie, an esprit de corps among among ‘us’ who are similarly situated.

I guess i never should have mentioned my size; maybe i would have gotten some advice on the problem that i’ve been having instead of remarks about size. But whatever, comment however you want (positive or negative) regarding size, but what about some advice on the problem. I went into my history/facts to give background information/ an introduction since it was my first post.

I could lie about my size, but why? 9” seems unbelievably huge/unattainable to the negative posters, but i am over 9” and it doesn’t seem big to me. Don’t get me wrong, i know where i am on the penis measurement continuum. And notice women’s reactions when i meet someone new, but since it’s my dick & i own a 9” measurement, it’s not remarkable to me. But on the other hand, since, presumably, the negative posters are not 9” they can’t conceive that it’s not complete bullshit.

Now WHEN i get to 10” then i MIGHT begin to take notice. Also, negative comments are not going to make me any shorter or the negative posters any longer.

So let me say this:

1) There is no pic because #1, i am on a laptop and need to upgrade my equipment (which i will soon be doing) no way to get pics into the system to send. AND, if i was 5.5” would that measurement demand a pic??? Also, i didn’t intend to be doing a whole lot of posting initially, i only posted yesterday because of the problems i have been experiencing.

2) And to address the pumping issue, as if the pump is the reason for the “freak”ish measurement (in the minds of doubters):

a) I posted that i haven’t pumped in a month. I measured 9 3/16” yesterday and had a 9 1/8” measurement a few hours ago while looking at a little Internet porn (not to mention 9.25 on several different days this week). No way to keep the temporary gains from pumping that long.

b) I never got a length gain from pumping. As a matter of fact, i could never reach my full length max while under the effects of pumping. As i said, i “experimented” with pumping. And from what i learned, i could get a good TEMPORARY GIRTH gain, but it never affected my length for the positive in the short term.

Now did pumping create some “micro-tears” that caused some of my PERMANENT length? Objectively, i can’t say. And if it did create permanent growth, why would that be a bad thing? But what i can say is that the measurements that i posted on this board have NOTHING to do with TEMPORARY length gain from pumping. Also, my 6+” EG is not TEMPORARY pumping related either. And a bit of honesty here, i don’t precisely know what my EG is, i measure 6” girth while in the “limp dick” stage. And know that i am thicker when i hit my max, but i am more focused on my length measurement at that time.

If i posted that i was presently in the 14 to 15” range then i would understand all the doubting and negative commentary. But like i said, WHEN, i get to 10” (hopefully if things go well, and i get some good advice on “the problem”, i’ll reach that around Christmas/New years) THEN i’ll begin to take notice. Because i’m between 6 & 7” when completely flaccid (unpumped) and i have 8, 8.25, 8.5 and 8.75” measurements with “limp dick” (you know, that stage between complete erection and completely flaccid). But WHEN i get to 10”, then the “limp dick” stage will consist of ~ 8.5, 9 and 9.5” measurements. THEN i’ll begin to be impressed (i think, but that might change WHEN i get there).

But you’ve got to remember that i was a NATURAL, non-PE’d 8” as a teenager, so getting to 9+” is not one hell of a huge PE gain in the annals of PE history (re: Bib or DLD’s gains). It just resulted in a huge dick for those who think it’s a “freak”ish measurement. And as i have already said, numerous times, i don’t think that 9+” is HUGE.

And in closing, while comments about size (positive or negative) are fine, advice about “the problem” would be appreciated. But with some of the negative comments, i might be cautious about taking the advice i might get unless it’s from Bib or some other such reputable source. Anyway…

And as i said in the original post, thanks to whoever might be able to help.

Honestly and seriously, I would definitely take a break. This is obviously a “Strange” sensation you have never felt before so it is probably something that needs to heal.

The best way to look at it is, if you workout you know your body and all the little nuances like, pains and pulled muscles that happen along the way. If you go to lift a weight and it feels “strange” you are going to either leave that exercises alone to see what happens or, book a doctors appointment.

I had some strange pains in my wrists from doing dips with allot of weight and I thought it was permanent because every time I put pressure on them the pain was there. I couldn’t even do push ups, so I just left the gym alone for a while and it’s gone.

BTW, I don’t think anyone meant any harm with their posts.

Thanks to chickenchoker for welcoming me.

10bnice is right, I didn’t mean harm by my post. Sorry it came off as such. I am lucky and greedy myself, starting at 7x6, so I’d be hypocritical to be insulting you about your “greed.”

I simply would like to be disabused of my skepticism, stemming from the fact that many members post to the pics section — usually the larger members, 7+” — yet you don’t see the 9” and 10” dicks there (barring the occasional obviously doctored or admittedly pumped-up pic). Whenever someone expresses skepticism about a stat, the response is always “why would I ever lie on an anonymous board?” — but you need go only as far as to find evidence that for some reason, some people do make shit up. Weird. In any case, your extensive and defensive response here convinces me that you aren’t making this stuff up. When your technology allows you to post a pic, do so, to help stop these kinds of annoying comments from skeptics like me. :)

Anyhow, I think 10bnice’s advice is sound, and I wish you luck in your future PE. I’m new myself so I don’t have any additional wisdom to offer on your particular difficulty. Was just directing a general question to this board. Apologies again for any offense.

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Thanks 10bnice for your point of view. As for whether some of the posts were negative:

At first i thought the comment from Japp was negative (when i read it last night), but then i thought it might be a genuine statement. So i didn’t post a reply since i couldn’t be sure if it was genuine or sarcastic, and i didn’t want to be taken as a defensive asshole, so i just chose to assume Japp’s comment was positive and didn’t reply at all.

And Chickenchoker’s comment speaks for itself. He’s saying that i’m lucky for either what i naturally had to work with or the results of my PE efforts. I looked at the post as a positive remark.

Now post #5 clearly had a negative tone. And #6 just furthered the views of the previous post.

But anyway 10b, thanks for your in put.

I would like to know of anyone’s point of view on an alternative hanging method.

Alright Helluvastud, no blood no foul.

But as far as your advice to take a break, you sure you’re not just trying to get me to slow down my gains. I’M JUST FUCKING WITH YOU. Like i said no, no blood no foul.

But re: posting a pic:

I must admit that up until your post, i never had any intentions to post pics (at least not in the immediate future) even after the upgrade. Now this might cause people to think that i’m bullshitting again, but…

Like i said i was a non-PE’d 8” as a teenager, so getting to my present size is not impressive to me yet. Don’t get me wrong i’ll take what i have now over what i use to have. But based on what i was born with it’s not a huge percentage increase (only a 15% increase. Whereas Bib and DLD’s increases are 75% and 84.615% respectively). Total inches overall, yeah i’m in a very respectable size group but percentage increase wise, not very impressive. Not time yet for celebratory picture posting.

And no offense intended on my part but, like i said, 9+” is not impressive to me (but you’ve got to remember that i was well-endowed as a 13 yr old). As of right now i’m just here to get as much as i can out of the knowledge of those who have more experience than me (and maybe give a little advice to someone who can benefit from my PE trial and error).

Now when i get to some milestone (in my mind), then posting a pic might be a different matter.

In a different matter, this is a hell of a lot of posts in a 24 hr period. From 0 in a month to 6 in 24hrs, that’s somewhat impressive. Far from a record i’m sure but maybe noteworthy in the archives.


First, do not screw around with any numbness. Take a break until all returns to normal. Period. No negotiation.

Then, when you start back, ditch the swimcap. That is really old technology. I tried it one time, and knew there had to be something better.

There are several different models of hangers you can make within this forum. The modified Bib instructions are stuck at the top of this forum, and Tom Hubbards page is linked at the bottom of any page. Production Bibs are available if you with to go that route.

Finally, if you do not want to post a picture, don’t. Just tell the guys that ask to fuck off. It is none of their business. They can believe you or not. Why should they care? Further, it is simply poor manners to ask another guy for a picture of his cock. As for me, I would never post a picture in a million years.

Welcome and keep on posting. You have a fine writing style.



I tried PMing you this but it said you can’t accept PMs:

Have you considered changing your username, now that you’re posting at Thunder’s? (I’m assuming you chose this name back when you registered just to be able to browse.) As someone else said, you may become a PE king on these boards, if you can keep adding to your 9”, so you might want a distinctive name to go with your distinctive posting style…

Take it easy & good luck.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Damn, i don’t know where to begin. I can’t believe i received a post from the legend himself. The legendary Bib, PE guru and inventor of revolutionary PE devices.

And not only a response to my thread, but also a compliment, the PE Gods must be smiling on me. This has got to be a good omen. All bullshit aside, no sarcasm at all, i’m thrilled. I mean (since i’m watching Monday Night Football as i’m typing this) this is like receiving a compliment from Bill Parcells or any other hard driving, well accomplished man with an equal level of success in a given field.

I’m bowing down in homage; I pledge my fealty. I know some readers are going to think i’m full of shit with all of that , but seriously Bib, much respect.

Alright now that my deep appreciation for Bib and his accomplishments are out of the way, on to the inexact science of PE:


I never had numbness exactly. I guess more like a “hot nerve” is the best way to describe it. As i said, i think it was brought on from pinching while using the swimcap method. There was a little bit of dry skin under the ridge of the glans on the left side (i’m circumcised).

I started noticing it maybe Thursday but definitely by Friday, and didn’t hang at all Sat or Sun. I’ve just been doing manual stretching since. The “hot nerve” has pretty much subsided, the dry skin still lingers (slightly), but it’s fading.

I’m pretty much healed and raring to go. I’ ll see how i feel tomorrow and make a decision then. But i can’t wait to get started again. And if the Hangers are available, i’d like to get one and give it a try.

As far as the Hangers go, i’ve read and seen pics of people wearing the Hangers at about mid-shaft. Is that what is recommended? Or can they be worn more closely behind the glans?

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