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9+" El



Look, I am just a guy like any others here. I just happened to have good luck with PE.

If the swim cap works for you, then go with it. As you need to go up in weight, it might become hard to manage. But then, you might figure out a way to make it work at higher weights.

>As far as the Hangers go, i’ve read and seen pics of people wearing the Hangers at about mid-shaft. Is that what is recommended? Or can they be worn more closely behind the glans?<

No, usually, the wrap should be about an inch behind the coronal ridge, adn the hanger about a quarter inch behind the front edge of the wrap. I think SWMs pics show him with the hanger about mid-shaft. It really is personal preference. Also, how much extra skin you wish to have. Many of us cut guys liked regrowing foreskin. It really makes the head more sensitive.



I guess modesty is a good quality, but seriously you’re a PE icon. Great success with gains, created the Hanger, not to mention formulated numerous theories that countless follow. Like i said, much respect.

As for me, i haven’t started hanging again yet, still just doing manuals right now. But i’ll see how it goes and decide which direction i want to go with a hanging device.

Thanks for the advice Bib.


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