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5 weeks in and Twisting a problem now

5 weeks in and Twisting a problem now

The 2 ultimate questions I have are: (a) does twisting of the BIB indicate that skin stretching is needed? (b) as length gains come, should I be starting the wrap further down my shaft from my glans to compensate? Wanted to get that out up front.

I’ve been hanging BTC consistently for 5 weeks now and have gained about 0.5 inch in length and some base girth (which I’m thrilled about). The first two weeks were tough skin stretch but after that the skin soreness dissipated (and I assume I was really just hitting ligs at that point).

2 days ago I noticed rather severe twisting of the BIB when I hung. After reattaching a few times and not fixing the problem it occurred to me that I should try attaching the hanger closer to the pubic bone, and that seemed to solve the twisting problem, and I did get the skin burning sensation again (just not as severe as when I first started)

Today I noticed the same issue. I wonder if I started out hanging a little too far up my shaft (toward the glans). I had wrapped as I always have, and noticed that the end of the wrap (near the base) was a little too thin. My last layer is theraband which I spiral past the underlying two layers (which are What-a-grip under a piece of SS)

As a side note, I’ve been using a regular size BIB. I ordered a starter BIB (just to try it out) and got it 3 days ago and started to try it out 2 days ago. The twisting started with the starter bib (but today’s first set, which was a good one, was using the starter). Is it a bad idea to try and switch back and forth between the regular and the starter? I do not use the piece of SS as part of my wrap when using the starter

a) No. There are many threads on twisting (just look at the bottom of this very same page, for example); best guess is that it depends on how the penis is shaped, about any penises will have a side shorter than the other, even if it is hard to see at naked eye. Wrapping very carefully can minimize the problem (since of course more blood in your penis, more twisting).

I’m not sure I understand the b) question.

By question (b) I mean as length gains come should I be starting the wrap further down my shaft to maintain the same relative position of the hanger attachment as it was when I begun.

When I begun 5 weeks ago, I started the wrap near my circumcision scar. And I’d say the bottom of the hanger, once attached, was about 4/5 of the way down my shaft. Now that I’ve gained about half an inch, starting the wrap at my circumcision scar means the bottom of the hanger is no longer 4/5 of the way down my shaft, it’s a bit less.

I suppose my question is should I be keeping the bottom of the hanger, once attached, at about the same distance up from the pubic bone, in order to keep the lig gains coming?

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