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$2 hanger that takes 20 minutes to make


$2 hanger that takes 20 minutes to make

Will somebody else try this out and see if it works for you?

neet little device, how much wieght have you hung from it. im wondering what the mavx weight might be without pain,also do you think theres a way to make this an overnight hanger for a 1lb weight. maybe strong rubberbands instead of the wingnut setup to allow circulation!


to cyberstud

How much weight: I can hung, with equivalent comfort/discomfort, the same amount I could from either of the Bibs. Ten pounds I don’t even bother with a wrap (though I probably should); 15 requires a couple of tries to get the wrap right, 20# (max I’ve done with any device) requires some fussing to get ‘comfortable.’ Mind you I’m just using a couple sheets of toilet paper as a wrap.

As for the all-night stuff, I’m just not into that except for the Potency Ring, because I believe consciousness is a *nice* aspect of any PE exercise…I sure look and feel pumped in the morning after hours of nocturnal erections with the PR, though - not sure that counts, but it’s kinda fun…. ;-)

Hi Tom

I saw the brillianltly presented hanger on the forum today. I did make my own but from two wooden rods with butterfly clamps and there was no indentation. I hung 7 Lbs but it was painful as it was tightened to accomodate more weight. I use the official bib starter hanger and thought that I could use your design for pm hanging. However I will venture now to make one out of pvc tubing and will report back. Thanks for the drawings and details.

Question to Tom Hubbard

What are your total gains since you started PE? Excuse me, I´m just curious.

with best gains in the future

Tom,Tom, the fireman’s son……


i tried it!

i tried it, but too uncomfortable for me. i quess im just used to the tracman!


I’d be interested in hearing more about what you did/tried to do. I tried a new wrap (now detailed on the site) today and was able to comfortably hang 25# 3 sets of 10 minutes each. Made myself take it off after ten minutes - no coldness, nothing. Stopped sets because I ran out of privacy.

On the site, you’ll note the new diagram showing the “V” alignment of the plastic pieces. The reasoning here is simple: if you seize your penis from the top with thumb and forefinger, you can pull incredibly hard with no pain - so I’m trying to replicate that.

I don’t know what the Tracman is (sounds vaguely familiar) but would be interested in knowing more if it’s that much more comfortable.

The AFB hanger, like any other, can be uncomfortable as hell. You definitely need to have it inthe right place and the right tightness .

basically i tried what you said to do! i get a lot of pressure maybe some pinching near the head wich im not used to useing the tracman. the tracman is basically a skinny tube with a hook and a firm rubber piece that acts as a seal at the base of the penis . i actually made it more comfortable by adding some warm water to the tube . if you have this tube properly fitted it seems to be the most comfortable piece of equiptment because theres no pressure directly behind the head of the penis its disrtributed throughout the entire lengh!

try and you ll see a small pic, ill take a pic of mine tonight and post it in a couple of hrs!


i forget to wright that the penis comes out warm and pumped+ i can leave it on for my full 45 minute session most of the time! but you will get the doughnut efect under the shaft! i also tape my head with flexible medical tape because the head gets pushed against the cylinder and rides up!


I’m confused…sounds interesting, but I don’t get it and the photo on their site isn’t enlightening. This is like vacuum tube that seals at the base of your penis, and thus pulls from the base only?

Please do provide more info…



P.S. - with the double wrap, I’ve been doing 25# for ten-minute sets. The key is to avoid pinching, which means 1) good wrapping (at least with heavy weight) so 2) no skin pinching and 3) positioning the thing closer to mid-shaft. When it’s right - which takes practice - it’s great! With a small amount of weight (15 pounds ;-) can I bend over, put my hands on my knees, swing the weight in circles, and it actually feels good.

hmmmm ill have to try some more with your device! but what the problem for me with any stretcher is that theres alot of tension placed at the head wich my penis has not developed any strengh because i use the trac man wich does not apply pressure in that area. basically you pump up and your locked in , so its almost like putting glue on your penis then putting a rubber on, if you then pull on the rubber the whole penis would come foward. actually if you go to peforum theres a new thread with someone describing a similar device they made, this person seems to love it also!
so someone like you that has a knack for making things better mite wanna look into this!


its under the post “bob hanger”

Hey cyberstud

How can this tracman pull anything other than skin? How does it effectively apply the pulling force to the ligs? I looked over the stretch willy site and I’d be damned if I would spend that kind of money without a better understanding of how this thing is supposed to work. How is this any different than pumping with a regular tube and then hanging a weight on it? I’m not slamming the product, because I don’t have enough information. That’s what I would really like, more information.

Any other tracman users out there that can enlighten me, or point me toward a better source of information?

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