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100% flaccid is impossible for me

100% flaccid is impossible for me

Okay, so I built a very experimental hanger due to lack of apropriate parts for any hanger. It works anyway, even if it takes several minutes to attach properly. Now the problem is this: when I attach the hanger I lose a little bit of my flaccid. I don’t get hard but I get that “feeling” you know, and it feels like it grows maybe a few % so that it hangs out a bit from the body and not just straight down. But I hope this is okay? because remaining 110% flaccid seems impossible to me. I keep getting that little bit of enlargement…

I think thats fine. I haven’t started hanging yet myself, but as long as you aren’t hard at all you should be okay. Just make sure that you don’t have blood in your glans when you hang.

I usually think guys worry too much about injury with PE, but honestly I think it’s crucially important to be at least 90% flaccid when you “drop the weights,” so to speak. It sounds like you’re probably okay, but don’t get cocky and start hanging with, say, a 30% erection just because you didn’t get injured when you started with a tiny bit of fullness in your flaccid.

To what has been said, I would add that breathing and reverse kegels can help you achieve total relaxation of the soon-to-be-stretched-organ.

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