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1/2 inch, 6 Weeks!

Originally Posted by thick17
Ok, so then if I’m not applying the hanger or wrap the right way, I would have to loosen it. I have a feeling the pain comes from a combo of super tightness and the hanger sliding down and balancing on the rim of the glans rather than the inner penis above the glans. But unfortunately no matter how hard I clamp the hanger down on my unit, it still doesn’t stop it from sliding down to the glans. I read people talking about it resting on the shoulders, but every time I apply, my glans seem to be the only shoulders. I was thinking about applying it with the tiniest bit of blood engorged at the head and body above the hanger, but eventually I speculate it will drain out and the hanger will slide even worse, and if not, I know I’m not supposed to hang with the head engorged. Are the shoulders the actual mid to upper inside shaft, is there a common reason why it won’t grip that inner shaft enough to not be resting on the head when hanging?

Also, the ads thing you mentioned seems like a good solution if any (the bigger pants) but what about underwear, doesn’t that support defeat the purpose of hanging? Or if no underwear, what about when you sit? Personally when I sit my dick already rests on the seat between my other two legs, how do you get it to stretch out then? When I thin about it I imagine a goal for a constant all day stretch force, but one bending of the leg, or sitting down will alter the magnitude of that force or completely take it away.

Please take a minute and understand the concept of PULSE PUSHING the hanger forward after tightening maybe 20% or so, to ensure that you are actually grasping the internals, before tightening completely.

What I used to do in the past and which was obviously wrong: I attached the hanger as far as I could from the head, because logically I thought that would prevent the hanger from ending up at the head. Then I tightened extremely tight WITHOUT moving the hanger. What invariably happened each and every time was that the hanger had NOT grasped the structures and slid very painfully towards the head when I attached the weights. It ended up resting right at the head and possibly restricted some by skin. Lousy technique in other words.

The correct way to attach the hanger is this: 1-2 inches from the head. Maybe 2 1/2 or 3 even. This is not what matters. What matters is that when you have tightened 20% or so and ensured a good position in the hanger, you need to pull the hanger towards your head in a light and playful manner. The hanger will slide some and you will notice that shoulders are forming. Pull even a little harder to ensure that everything FEELS good and that the hanger is at a comfortable place.

When this is done, tighten towards 75-85% or so. You can leave some tightening for later in the set if you need it.

Pull harder after you have tightened to ensure that everything is good.

THEN attach the weights. Done properly, you will have no surprises and enjoy a comfortable hanging set. Well, obviously hanging is not as comfortable as receiving a massage or a blowjob, but it should not be significantly discomfortable unless you are into extreme hanging.

I hope that helped.



You saw the video I forwarded to you, right? Why not invest in a Bib hanger? Since I’m not experienced with a wench, all I know is my home made hanger and the Bib. I also wondered how the shoulders were formed and how the hanger wouldn’t slip since my home made was about as inferior as they come. Once I saw the tutorial and bought my Bib, I was able to experience it for myself and see exactly how it’s done. Trust me - I receive no commission from Bigger, but I will gladly tell anyone to invest in one of his hangers. Once you get the settings correct, it becomes second nature to wrap, attach and hang. Best $81.50 I ever spent.

Mr. Schlong,

I would like to see that video if you can send me the link ;)

And yes, I wholeheartedly agree regarding buying a Bib. We are after all hanging weights from our dicks for prolonged amounts of time in search of inches of length. Why not make an investment?

And knowing how hard many guys have struggled even with a Bib (for various reasons), I can`t imagine doing it with a homemade hanger.

I PM’d you the link.

Sounds very helpful that clears up a little the problem I’m having, because the way you used to hang is just what I’m doing now, so I’ll try the pulse push method and let you guys know how it went. And yes I did get the video link. It did help, but I think I will invest in the bib like you both suggest so that I can apply it just as shown. I am using chamois wrap now, so I will also buy thera wrap and cotton wrap as shown to follow instructions to a T. I hope the thera wrap is not uncomfortable, because the chamois is an awesome feel, I’m just curious to see if the thera wrap grips better.

When you have a Bib, the Theraband isn’t for gripping. The Theraband forms a semi solid surface for the hanger to help clutch. I didn’t see the need for the Theraband either but decided to do it over the chamois. It really has improved my whole hanging experience. When you watched the video, you will do like SWM did - start with the chamois and then wrap over it with the Theraband. Use a small piece of scotch tape to secure it, attach the hanger and rock out with your cock out.. lol. So cheesy but I’ve been wanting to say that for a while now. When you buy your Bib, you can get T-band rom him as well.

Mr. Schlong, from reading your posts am I correct to conclude that you are uncut?

That is fantastic grow up your penis, I think if you can to sen me your video/photo it will very help me

Originally Posted by chitonan

Mr. Schlong, from reading your posts am I correct to conclude that you are uncut?

Actually, I am cut. Did I say something that gave the idea I wasn’t?

Wow - I just noticed I’m now a Senior Member! It’s only been 6 years of being a member, but that rocks! It’s really only been since November of this year though that I got serious about my PE career and the results have been AWESOME!

Great news - I measured today and am now at 6.75 BPEL! Now granted, I’m not as impressed with my NBPEL, but a gain is a gain and eventually the NBP will be where I want it. Looks like I’ll probably have to be at an 8.5 or 9 BPEL in order to have an 8 NBPEL. Hopefully my gains won’t slow down, but I’m not too confident.

Can you PM me the video link please Schlong, might come in handy. Really big congratulations on your gains.

Congratulations on your gains, Mr. Schlong! ;)

That`s great to hear!

Thanks guys! Audacia - I pm’d it to you.

So Schlong when your ligs were sore from the previous day of hanging did you still hang on that day also?

7-20-16: BP: 7.63 NBP 6.75 x 5.75

3-22-17: BP: 8.44 NBP 7.56 x 5.75


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