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wrapping for extender use

wrapping for extender use

Is this necessary?

I am finding it definitely helps

What do others think


Starting on 2013-08-16 :EL: 5.75" (14.6cm) / EG: 4.75"

Short-term goal set 01/06 15: EL: 6.75" (17.14cm) / EG 5"

Not necessary. After a while the skin gets tough. Like the calluses on the hands of weight lifters.

Started ~ 2002 14.5 cm BPEL and 13 cm MSEG.

2008: Got serious, Measured ~ 15 cm BPEL and 14 cm in MSEG

1/12/2014: Measured BPEL 17.5 to 18 cm, MSEG 15, BEG 16.5

Originally Posted by cheeba
Is this necessary?

I am finding it definitely helps

What do others think

Cheeba, could you explain in more detail what you mean by wrapping?

I tried a noose type extender and eventually found the ‘groove pain” got a bit much and that limited my capacity to use an extender for longer periods. I then tried a vacextender which worked fine until I got over keen a which resulted in blisters. I then moved to a DIY velcro strap which works pretty well but which does need some wrapping.

I use a bit of soft cotton bandage wrap with a silicone sleeve on top. The cotton bandage stops the silicone sleeve slipping. Last week I also started with a dual noose/ DIY velcro strap approach whereby I first put on the cotton bandage directly behind the head, then the silicone sleeve with a small gap behind the head. I then clamp the head fairly lightly with the noose and finally clamp down with the DIY velcro strap. Not sure if all this is worth the trouble but it does stop the silicone sleeve from trying the slide over my corona. I am intending to try the combo without the silicone sleeve as the noose should be good enough to stop the edge of the velcro contacting my corona which is the main benefit of the silicone sleeve.

Im wrapping a piece of ace bandage right behind the glans and use the noose. It works pretty well, but a little harsh on the skin so im using creams every now and then.

Burn that tunica!

A three-layer wrap works for me.

Bottom layer: about 20 inches of 3 inch wide cotton gauze strip, folded in half so it is 1.5 inches wide
Middle layer: Medical tape, which secures the gauze in place. Both gauze and tape can be purchased at most pharmacies. These can be re-used many times, so cost is not an issue.
Top layer: I place the foam tube that came with my extender on top of the first two.

It took a bit of experimenting, but I can wrap so the “comfort strap” doesn’t touch my skin or slip, and I can get just about as much tension as the springs permit. I don’t get calluses or blisters.

I bought an overpriced extender in 2008. God now that I think about it I wish I had come across this site back then when I made my first attempt at enlarging my penis.

Anyways after about the forth use I gave it up because I had screwed up. I, being the impatient man I was, put that puppy at full traction, and fell asleep. My God I had to literally peel the foam pad that slides on the noose out from the crevasse formed behind my glans. That was enough for me.

If I had paced myself I’d be at least an inch longer now because I probably would have stuck with it. So for the impatient fools like myself, or if you are sensitive and the extra preparation isn’t a problem, I’d go ahead and wrap. Couldn’t hurt, right?

I have no idea where it went to either. Maybe it ended up at a goodwill where some poor sap spent some quality time looking it over, wondering what the hell it goes to.

Start 2/27/14: BPEL 6"/ EG 5" ==> 6.5"/ 5.25"

Now: Taking a break!

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