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Wearing an Extender at work?


I’m looking to buy an ADS but I work 9-5 in an office, I have to wear trousers and tuck my shirt in.

What are the best options for an ADS to wear at work? I’ve thought about the SGE and Phallosan but they both look quite bulky to me, very much doubt I could wear either at work.

I buy Old Navy loose fit khakis a waist size larger and have the waist taken up. Works for me for down the leg extender wearing.

Depending on how loose your pants are in the hip, the Phallosan might work. I can get away with wearing it in certain situations. At most it looks like you have something in the upper part of your pocket.

Just so happens to be your glans…

I use the Phallosan. I always have to wear pants with larger waists because of my large thighs. The only issue is that the Phallosan doesn’t really feel like it’s pulling much. How can I fatigue my penis to make certain this is really effective?

I wear a DIY ADS to work everyday for months now. It can be done by wearing relaxed fit slacks, jeans or casual pants. Have worn strapped to thigh and below the knee. Problem with thigh is the buckle of the dig collar I use showing. Hides easy enough by turning. Another problem is if it slides off it could fall down your leg. Knee will not fall down leg because of calf but you lose some stretch when sitting. Fix by straightening out leg.


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