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Want to know whether extenders are worthwhile ?


I got some pretty fast results that stretched my ligs to improve the look of my flacid hang and may have started to increase overall length as well, by warming with a heat pack and then using a extender-type stretching device for about an hour (broken into 20 minute segments, if necessary, allow restoration of blood flow if constricted by the device). After that, I decided to use other techniques to pursue length; and to go for the comfort, better long-wear capabilities and safety of a vacuum head for stretching setups. I’d recommend a “extender” device with a vacuum head such as sold on the website of one of the commercial members here (see “VacExtender Info and future review” thread, and search for similar threads); that vacuum head also works with a leg-strap stretcher setup, giving you an ADS option as well.

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Originally Posted by malandro
Uncut uses vac extender
Cut uses normal extender

The discomfort would be higher with extender which pull your skin (normal ones)

I’m cut and use vac extender / hanger etc. No problem there.

regards, mgus

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I’m uncut, so I guess the VACextender would cut it for me

Let’s hope not! :eek:

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lol—I meant cut it as in do it for me—you were obviously joking, and that was a good one :-)


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