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If extenders work, they take thousands of hours to get useful results from.

Whether they work beyond the easy gains stage is another question. Often people will post gains within the first few months that are highly comparable to those easy gains that would be achieved with a manual routine.

The only person I can think of, right now, who has used an extender and gained well is cantlook and his use of extenders does not fit the normal paradigm of extender use (in fact it’s more like using a hanger, high stress/short periods).

People often supplement a routine with an extender and in those situations it’s really impossible to judge the effectiveness of the extender in the routine. It may have no real benefit but if people perceive a benefit that is often enough for them.

There are a bunch of “scientific studies” covering extenders. They are marketed well but the studies are really only useful as an indicator that more work should be done. Small study sizes do not prove anything much.

If hanging works, extenders work. It’s just force over time.

Many of the tools of PE indeed do work, but they do not work infinitely. Like a 2” length gain is very rare, but many get 1”. Many get .5-1” on girth gain. It takes a lot of time. How the hell do you expect your c0ck to grow an inch in a week?

Will your biceps grow an inch in a week from weights? Hell no. Give it 6 months to 1 year and enjoy the gains you have. Forget that you ever PE’d, get size anxiety out of your head and focus on your sexual performance.