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Vacuum extenders - less effective?

Vacuum extenders - less effective?

Hello guys; I just want to ask if it is true that vacuum extenders (penimaster pro, phallosan; etc) are not so effective as the painful ones (andropenis, etc).

I have an old andropenis which I stopped using because of the pressure on my glans. So I’ve been looking for a vacuum one, but I’ve read some users saying they got much faster gains with devices like andropenis. Also I haven’t seen one progress thread with gains with phallosan.

I believed that stretching the penis has not much secrets, but I started doubting about it.

Do you guys recomend me to get a vacuum extender, or try harder with my andropenis??

and sorry for my terrible english :D

Hi Curvao!

It would be great to know why you consider vacum extenders less efective.

I have been wearing a phallosan forte for almost 500 hours and changes are there (I´ve not made any measure yet).

The only difference I would mention compared with the painful ones is the lack of fluid retention in the glad, but trust me, Phallosan stretch your pennis!


I’m new to PE also. I purchased a quick pro extender and have had it about a 3 weeks. I have read a few threads about vacuumed devices like phallosan but I’m confused. Are the gains temporary ( few hours ) or permanent? I also towards the end of the day I notice my glans become more and more sensitive and I am unable to wear the extender at the end of the day because of the discomfort. I was thinking about buying another device like a vacuume that would be more comfortable at the end of the day. Any input would be appreciated thanks.

I have been wearing my phallason since late November and started of at 6 1/2 inches as of today with the phallason 4/30/2016 I’m in between 6.75-7 inches depending on body temp. I also have a x4 labs that I was wear about a year before the phallason and in 8 months I went from 6 1/2 to 7.25 but I stopped wearing the x4labs because it was just way to uncomfortable for me and I decided not to put my penis through that pain anymore even though I was gaining. So eventually I went back down to 6.5. Then my brother introduced me to the phallason forte and he the only reason I got it. He told me that he really didn’t wear it like he was suppose to but had been wearing it when he could for two years and gained 2 inches. So I’m currently in month 5 and I’m keeping track of my gains. I’m going to wait to the 8th month marker like I did with the x4labs to see wear I’m at. I can definitely say right now that it has made a tremendous difference in my flaccid length. From 4 inches to 4.75. With the phallason you want to make sure its pulling and you’re wearing it right because if not you’ll fool yourself into thinking its not working when you’re not wearing it right to pull any tension which I was doing. So now I have my phallason pulling on a downward motion hooked to my kneed strap. I’ll inform you guys in 3 months.

Thank you tryingtogrow that was very helpful

I have used a VacExtender for over four years and have increased length by about 1 inch averaging about 3.5 hours a day.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

How comfortable or uncomfortable are these to use?

The most effective device for any purpose is the one that you’ll actually use. If something is so negative in side-effect that you don’t use it, it’s worthless.

BPEL = [ START 6.42" 16.3cm ~> CURRENT 6.69" 17.0cm ~> GOAL 7.5" 19.05cm ]

MSEG = [ 4.65" / 11.8cm]

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