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VacExtender Users Please Help


monkeybar purposely and purposefully made the Vac-EXT head to be detachable. This way you can use the suction head with just the stretchy cord attached to the leg strap, which you wrap around your knee, as an ADS.

Worn as an ADS in this way it is undetecable under clothes, unless you are wearing tight pants (or shorts). I have been able to wear it this way for 12 hours at a time, stopping only to pee. No circulation problems, and if I wear the Constriction Sleeve I get no fluid build up either. It can also be used around the waist. monkeybar includes all the parts needed to give you a variety of options. Rods and base, leg strap, or metal ring. It’s a great all around PE package.

I personally would not attempt wearing the base and rods under my clothes. I live in New York City. Sometimes you have to run to catch a cab or a train or whatever. The base and rods set up would be a real pain to deal with in circumstance like that.

Fast Size, Jes and AndroPenis are all loop based devices. You need a wrap of some sort to use them. Even the PeniMaster needs a wrap. I’d say any of those products were vastly inferior to the Auto-EXT - even without the other options that monkeybar provides. As it includes those options, in my mind anyway, there is no contest.

The last point is that monkeybar is a conscientious business man; he cares about his product and will go the extra distance to make sure you are satisfied as a customer. That’s a rare quality.

He’s a quality guy.

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I agree with you on the service front. I’ve been a monkeybar customer for a while and he is the best of the bunch.

I guess I’m not sure using whether using an ADS for 8 hrs. during the day would be as comparable as using an extender for 8 hrs. during the day. My gut tells me the extender use would be better, which is why I was looking for a more comfortable alternative to my FastSize.

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