Vac tugger 3D print

Hi guys,

I just bought my size genetics, and wanted to try a vlc tugger. Lately i’m working with some different 3d programs because I want to learn to make 3D prints, and looking at the tugger I was thinking why not 3D print one.
I want to change it a bit, because the real tugger has an metal top and I want to make it a full print but I’m looking for the a size, could someone help me with the size?

I’m working on the base of the size genetics atm, because i’m having some difficuty’s with the base width, when i’m going in and try to fix my glans I get hard and then the base gets like a cockring.
So i’m making it 1 cm wider, but it’s not an easy task for a beginner in 3D software :)

Well let me know, if you can help me with some sizes.