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Vac Extender Results?

Vac Extender Results?

Hey everyone I’m going back into the PE game, I think I could use some adjusting lol.but anyway guys I’ve bought the vacu hanger before and now that I’m getting into it again I was thinking about buying the auto ext.cause I remember just hanging there and I was to lazy that’s why I kinda stopped but anyways with the auto ext I know I could just laydown chill and take it easy but I was wondering from the people who have it if they have experienced any results from the auto ext.experiences, before and after results and how long it took would be highly appreciated thank you.

Ooops I’m so sorry fellas I’m talking about the new one the vacu extender sorry thunder if you could change that thank you.

Using periods on occasion, would make your writing much more understandable.

It’s also required in the forum guidlines.

Forum Guidelines

You are thinking about buying a vac extender, and previously had used a vac hanger, correct?

You want the title changed to “vac extender results?”

The autoextender is not currently available, although a new version is supposed to be coming out one of these days.

Horny Bastard

Yes thank you thats what I would like to change it to

Originally Posted by Bxprpapi191

Yes. Thank you. Thats what I would like to change it to.

Ok, your title is changed.

You obviously didn’t take my comments about using periods seriously. But I am serious. You need to follow the guidlines if you want to be allowed to continue posting here. Thanks.

Horny Bastard

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Originally Posted by mravg

Yes indeed mravg.


Horny Bastard

Check out my sig for my gains so far. 1-2hrs with the extender on and 2-4 hrs with an ads. If I’m lucky I hang for 2 20min sessions at 12lbs and ill jelq for 10-12 mins

Nbpel - 6.5" Bpel 7.25" Eg 5.125"

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