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vac extender and discoloration

vac extender and discoloration

I started wearing the vac-hanger as an all day hanger at low tension. One day the sleeve lost the vacuum and my penis slid back so that all the pressure was just on the tip of my head. It hurt a little, but i wasn’t able to take it off, since it happened in public. When i got home i realized that I had damaged the frenulum a little as well. I waited a week for everything to heal. Then I warmed up and did some jelqing. After 15 minutes I looked at the head and the exact spot where the vac extender covers the head there was intense discoloration. It was a deep purple. It looked like blood coming just under the surface.

So, I waited another week. Then I jelqed and after only a few strokes the discoloration showed up again, but less intense this time. So I am taking another week off to see what happens. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?

No has never happened to me but I think if your noticing that the discoloration is fading over time then you probably didnt cause any permanent damage. If you ever feel it slip you should always take it off and put it back on better. Don’t put yourself in situations where you might not be able to take it off because you never know what will happen. One thing I did notice is when I use it around my leg sometimes my leg from walking will flip the sleeve off so the air hole becomes open and suction slips.

davesj1, yepp I have the same problem. The discolorated area shows up when I do high intensity PEing. Therefore I do the newbie routine for now on and have surgical tape to prevent my head from getting stretched.

Restarting everything.

its bad, I’ve taken 3 weeks off, and there is still a light area of discoloration. I’m starting to think its never gonna go away. I started PEing yesterday. 10 minutes of light jelqing. I will build my way up to my regular regimen. But I think the discoloration is here to stay.

My discoloration “subsides” as I get an erection. What I dislike is that when I do my normal haning routine there is a small spot about half a centimeter in diameter dark red… More red than the tip of the glands. But since I started to use surgical tape all of my discoloration problems seems to cease.

It is some pain to remove the tape though, but it is well worth it…

Restarting everything.

I tried some 3M soft paper tape. It worked well as a constrict-er, but boy was it painful to take it off. It just wasn’t worth it. What kind of tape did you use?

Surgical tape. But hey. After 2 months of no PEing. The dark area returns as fast as I try any PEing. What to do???

Restarting everything.

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