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Using stretcher 4 mths...results???


Using stretcher 4 mths...results???

Hello all!

I’m seeking help with my routine as it stands now for 4 months using the Autoextender and PE weights combined. Starting on May 1st I decided to buy and use the A/E in the AM for 1 hr, much like a hanging session to stretch out good and long using heat all the way. Then, I put on 2lbs of pe weights and wear it for 1hr then, remove it for 1 hr. I alternate this way all day into the evening with the last session back with the A/E and either quit for the day or do 10- 20 jelking and that’s it. Using this routine I average 6- 7 hrs stretch/hang time per day.

Here’s the weird thing though. Some days jr seems to have a good hang going on, nicely fatiqued, other days it just want’s to turtle up, probably just over worked as I’ve seen this many times before. When I first started (May) I hadn’t done any PE for some time so I experienced the (newbi effect) and increased about an inch in FSL up to 7 1/4” in the first month. I’ve been at this FSL plateau for around 2 mths now and can’t seem to muster any more flaccid stretch with the A/E even combined daily with the weights. I stretch/hang 6 on/1 off since this is alll mainly static stretching.

My skin has really stretched out a lot over the last 4 mths and since it’s a limiting factor I was hoping more FSL would be coming forth by now. I think I need to change something cause I’m stuck in a rut. I would hate to keep this routine up for another 2, 4, 6 mths only to find I haven’t gained anything from it. Maybe some hanging is in order to help move things along.

I like the A/E due to the fact that you can put a fairly heavy stretch on jr, alot like hanging with more weights but maybe it’s not enough to get the job done. Another possible factor could be the ligs have gone as far as they’ll go and need to change up to higher angle stretches. I usually at around 7:00- 8:00 position with the A/E. I’d appreciate any ideas from you guys on a different move to make to get back on track to making gains.


Originally Posted by ineed9
When I first started (May) I hadn’t done any PE for some time so I experienced the (newbi effect) and increased about an inch in FSL up to 7 1/4” in the first month. I’ve been at this FSL plateau for around 2 mths now

How did that translate into BPEL gains? Did all of your BPEL gains occur during the first month as well? Also, how long was your break?

I can already tell you what’s coming…People are likely to either say take a break or inscrease the load. 3 months with no gains is a loooooooooooong time so somethings gotta change.

2 pounds is not going to do much for you.

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Time to join the world of hanging. :)

what are your BPEL gains ?

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Before starting up with PE in May, my BPEL was at 5 3/4”. By the end of May, a little into June I checked BPEL again and was then up to 6 1/4” so EL is lagging FSL by about an inch. Yes, BPEL gains did occur during the month of May and some in June but nothing since. Everything seems to just stopped. I figure they came along (and pulled out some inner penis) due to the long break from Pe, about 8 mths.

Yes, I figured that as well. Maybe I need to either take a 1- 2 week deconditioning break or get another hanger. I was thinking maybe I just needed to stick with the program for another 2- 3 mths of time but don’t really feel it will help since gains seemed to have halted altoghther.


You’re probably right about that. I was kinda looking at this way. By using the Autoextender in the AM to produce a heavy stretch (over 1 hr period) then it’s alot like hanging, applying a stimulus for growth, then using the light weights to keep the ligs extended for many hours. But then again, the penis does adapt quickly to the same amount of load over time so I guess it’s time to up the load some.


I agree, I’ve tried hanging in the past but always seem to have some problem or another with hangers. PE started with me back in 98 with the Grip but soon found out it was not a good hanging solution. Later on I got the Bib starter and tried it for a while and while it’s built like a tank and very well made found that head pressure was always a problem for me. Bib tried his best to help me with it but I always ended up with HP for some reason. Bib kindly took the hanger back and gave me a refund, but now I sometimes wish I had that hanger back, probably could have made it work for me if I’d given it more time. BTW, I still have the Captain’s wrench I made and think I’ll give it a go tonight.


From May 1st to I’d say June 5- 1/2” gain in BPEL but nothing since.


Yep, it sure looks that way. Everything points to needing to up the load. I think jr. has adapted to the routine. Looks like it’s time to get another Bib. I really hate to quit now this late in the game especially since I have made gains.

Thanks everyone for your input. Much appreciated. It seems the concensus is to get back to hanging.. I agree.

that’s pretty darn encouraging… 1/2” gain is great! Have you thought about using the Autoextender solely? I heard some users of the Penimaster who wear it for hours a day get pretty good results.

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I’ve heard that too, but I personally couldn’t handle it all day long. I found early on that about all I could take was 1 hr. Coldness and soreness starts to set in pretty good by then so it’s time to stop and start with the weights. Yes, I was impressed with the 1/2” gain I got and 1” gain in FSL, wish it would just keep coming, oh well that’s life I guess. Time to get back to hanging to shake things up.

I got 3 things to say…


Find something that works, as far as hangers, figure it out, and watch the gains come!

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Let me throw in couple of points. I believe you are plateau-ing (sp?) with current routine. You need to change the routine as your ligs are probably used to current setup.

Try this - drill a small hole where the rod goes - 1/8” drill bit - on both side. Then tie some nylon string and attach an S hook. Get some 2 1/2lb dumbell weights and also put some string/S hook on the weight (PM me if you need better instruction).

In the morning - hang the weight to the side - over your legs (I typically use 5 lb). This will attack the ligs from different angles - then use the PEweight - and finish off with AutoEXT session in the evening. Also, add some manual stretching during the day - about 5 minutes of very hard stretching. In each heavy stretching session, you want to feel the ligs stretching - if you don’t feel it, then you are wasting your time. Try different angle.

I’m one of those people that can’t use heavy hanger - which is the reason I went with extender type. However, even hangers employ several different techniques to avoid plateu-ing (BTC, to the side and over the shoulders, etc), the same could be employed with AutoEXT. While most hangers will laugh at 5lb - when I do this over to the side - it feel like my ligs are going to pop off. Its just different for different people.

Even with changing of routine, you are going to run into period of no gains - I don’t think this is different with hangers. Idea is to constantly change your routine (1-2 months and always feel the ligs stretching) and keep at it and it will come - hell it took me almost 3 years for my modest gains.



Yea, I dusted off my Captains Wrench and gave it a go for a 20 min session with 7 lbs. I use to use higher weights 8- 10 lbs back when I was “trying” to hang. Tonight I noticed though the same thing, high pressure in the head just a few minutes into the session. I learn’t from a lot of asking in the past here at Thunders about wrapping and hanger tightness and many said “loose wrap- tight hanger. I tried that but no matter what I get the high pressure again. I think I’ll try it again tomorrow a little differently and see where it leads.

Thanks for offering your tips for a routine change. Yes, I’m sure it’s only a plateau thing going on because I’ve made good gains before with your extender. I’m not throwing in the towel by any means with the A/E. That’s the reason I went to an extender to begin with, having problems with hangers and all. Also, so you’ll know, I have found the A/E to be the easiest device I’ve ever used. At times over the course of a 1 hr stretch, I push fairly hard (super set) to what I feel is the equivalent of the stretch force I got with the Grip.. about an 5- 8 lb stretch. You can get a mean stretch with the A/E if you care to push it that hard. Just thought you’d like to know.

I have no problem with taking the time to get gains. This is a s-l-o-w process any way you go at it, stretching or hanging, for me anyway. The penis is going to grow when it’s damn good and ready despite our best efforts. I do believe a routine change is in order and I’ll try your ideas with the weights and different angles, sounds good. Can you really hold 5 lbs with the A/E head clamp?

Anyway, congraulations on on your modest gains. It does take time and effort but as long as they come that’s the important thing!

Very promising, thanks for the post

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Listen to Monkeybar, he offers good advice and his products rock. One thing about the Autoextenders much like other stretchers is that they do require breaks from time to time.

Good luck on your quest and keep us posted.

Go Celtics!

Have you already done a deconditioning break?

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