Your welcome! Yes, the A/E has done very well for me. Just need to stir things up a bit with different angles and some hanging, think it will help alot. I’m bad about getting into the same ole routine..bad habit with PE!


Yea, I think Monkeybar is a smart guy with a great product. I have been very happy with the stretcher, just easy for me to use with no hassel at all and I like the control of it as well. I think it will just take more time but I’m very dedicated. A break is probably a good idea no doubt. Kinda hate to do it though for fear of losing what I’ve gained but then again our units were not meant to stay on spin cycle indefinately. How much break time would you suggest? few days, 1 week, 2 maybe?

Yes, I’ll keep you’all posted on how it’s going.


No, but I’m considering it strongly. I’ve missed a few days here and there due to life stuff but haven’t taken a week off since May, maybe it’s time.