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Trying DMSO for FR and it appears to be working great... going to try with extender

Trying DMSO for FR and it appears to be working great... going to try with extender

For a few weeks now I have been applying DMSO to my penis everyday twice a day at 12am and 12pm. First thing in the morning before 12am I use a venus 2000 to really give that skin a workout it helps “stretch” the skin. That plus the DMSO and a FR device has worked wonders at growing new skin fast at least compared to how fast it grew all those years ago when I didn’t keep it up beause it hurt and took too long.

The venus2000 does 2 things actually. It works the skin stretching it out (gently) so that its noticably longer. Especially now since I have been using DMSO the skin gets looonger and stays that way for awhile. The venus2000 also plumps up the skin a bit so that the FR device I use can’t pinch me as easily IE my skin is a bit thicker and much more resilient when using the venus2000 and DMSO. (BTW I use the no longer available Tug-Ahoy)

Noticed some good foreskin gains but can’t help but want more penis size. I didn’t mention it but before using the venus2000 in the morning I also get a strong erection then squeeze at the base and jelq with a tight grip to stress the CC a bit. That seems to be adding some girth but I think its mostly the DMSO I applied 6+ hours earlier and the way it helps collagen be stretchy. At night I’m basically doing nothing but sleeping it seems like a good time to use an extender… I gave up on extenders years ago they simply didn’t work for me. Tried vac extender and the strap extenders available but neither was comfortable and neither worked for me. Now with DMSO giving me such good FR gains I have to give it another try. I bought a cheapo $13 extender on ebay (noose type) and I’m going to use it at night when I’m not doing anything else with myself down there.

I’ll be pretty close to 24/7 with PE =P If I am not absorbing something or taking a shower I’ll likely be attaching something to my penis in the effort to gain some inches! If I wake up at night I’ll take the opportunity to apply some more DMSO! If you try DMSO be careful as the skin type its applied to matters alot! IE palm skin is much different than lips or dick or chest or face etc… If your like me it will burn on your ball sack.

I got the extender out of the box today. The holes for the silicone tubing are too small that is for sure I just finished whittling the holes with an exacto and sanding to remove the sharp edges so that I could get the tubing in *and* be reasonably sure I can get it back off when its being worn. That said the first thing I noticed when opening the box is that it was smaller than other extenders I have owned. If you dont already own an extender the $13 proextender on eBay is easily worth every penny IMO.

1 complaint about this extender… its listed as being made from stainless steel and that may be true but its nickel plated and I have issues when my skin comes into contact with nickel for long periods of time. Really wish they made most if not all of it out of plastic!

I know sleeping with an extender on is a bad idea I have already numbed myself once (not while sleeping) but I’m getting good at getting the cloth wrap and noose tighness right so that doesn’t happen. That first night I slept with it on I had it on with no problems for hours before I started sleeping and I wake up at all times of the night briefly so if there is a problem a long time wont have elapsed.

My main problem now is that this will be the third night since I “started” and it’ll be the second night in a row I wont have used it because I have to heal up from what that nickel did to me. My ball sack has 2 circles where my sac came into contact with nickel and the skin is bunched up tight with crevices filled with ick and if I touch it I itch like crazy. As if that wasn’t enough I got an erection during the night and my girth was enough to touch both rods which are also made from nickel. The skin on my shaft looks like I had been pumping and over did it and the swelling has gone down super unevenly but unlike when pumping the skin is also dry.

Fixed my extender in a way similar to how I “fixed” my eco extender… But this time I made a couple of cloth tubes to fit over the rods using t-shirt material and I have electrical tape over the round pieces the rods screw into.

This is my old post from 2006 showing what I did for that extender.
Nickel Allergies and the ECO-Extender

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I sent a message to the seller about the nickel plate and the fact in their eBay item description they list it as being made from stainless.

The item descriptions lists the extender as being made from stainless steel but the majority of the metal parts that can actually come into contact with skin are nickel plated. Nickel contact allergy is likely the most common type of contact allergy and even tho the manual inside the box says its safe for people with nickel contact allergy it isn’t. ANY nickel is too much nickel for someone with this allergy. Be nice if you instead of just listing stainless as a material you also say that the only stainless part is the spring and the rest is nickel plate.

Seller did offer a partial refund.

All healed up that was pretty bad I was worried for awhile! I am using the extender for a few hours during the day to get use to it before I try sleeping with it on… Anyone else have a contact allergy reaction when using extenders?

100% against night time extender use at least of this type. For the last 3 days I have used the extender for 2,4 and now 8 hours (quitting at 10 and not including short breaks I took each time I took it off). I have to take it off and put it back on *alot*, Sometimes after 1-2 hours but sometimes just a few minutes after putting it on. There is little chance I would do this after waking up and the risk for injury is high so I am going to extend during the day and be using the FR thing at night as much as possible. At least that is my plan at the moment…

Try coating the offending metal in clear nail varnish to avoid a reaction. Unless your allergic to nail varnishing too 😕

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Yepp I have a Penimaster Pro that gave some rash where the metal parts was in contact with the skin. I simply use paper towels to wrap it in so it doesn’t touch my skin. / SMD

When this Baby hits 88 miles per hour.... You are gonna see some serious shit!!

I have the same metal allergy with nickel and the same issue with my extender so I use gorilla tape to wrap the rods and it also helps to keep the tube from slipping

I’ve been using the extender every day and I can see tension on the springs reducing. I have not been using it anywhere near 10 hours a day its gets sore after a few hours so I stop for the day. I searched eBay just now for a strap based extender and found a conversion kit that will work with my cheap extender for less than $6!

Looking for opinion on which strap “conversion kit” is better… On the first one the slots for the strap are closer together and on the other one the noose holes are higher up on the cradle. Think it matters? I may get the first one just because the slots are closer together and it may grip my flaccid size better but not sure.…AAOSwq7JUJEK l…AAOSwDN1UPKD B

I cut a rectangle of material from some worn out faded glory flannel pants I have and fold it 3 times to make a cushion. Working great and keeps the glans *really* engorged with good color and sensation. Its been just over 2 hours and I have no aches at all before it would be 45 minutes max and I would be feeling numbness or the start of an ache and need to take it off for a rest.

I know I have stated before that I went over 3 hours with just the noose… that was a mistake and it hurt like hell for a few seconds when the noose first came off. That dorsal “spine” area where the noose applies pressure is a sore spot that causes me soo many problems. This cushion may be the solution!

Oh! when putting the noose over the cushion I have it off the extender its just too hard for me to do it while still on the extender and it goes on super easy once the noose is tight. When loosening the noose I also take the cradle off the extender so the noose doesn’t get to slide over the coronal ridge (painful). Letting the noose slide off now that I am using a good cushion is likely not an issue but when it was just the noose and I let it slide over the coronal ridge OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Thats another area that gets super sensitive for a few minutes after taking the noose off… this does not happen with the flannel cushion!

Not sure if this is progress but 2 days ago I added 1/4” to the extender as the tension was not enough to get past the first mark right after putting it on. This would be a normal condition but only after having it on for awhile. I am not sure if thats length gain as I am kinda fat it could just be displacing or shrinking fat cells? In either case I am happy because it still feels like progress =P Really nice being able to use the extender for the full 10 hours I am susposeto (that includes some breaks but is easily 8+ hours of extender time).

OH BTW I am using t-shirt material instead of flannel and its working just as well.


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