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Thinking of sawing extender base in half

Thinking of sawing extender base in half

I Have a penimaster extender frame but don’t like the way it completely surrounds the base of the shaft placing some pressure on the spongy underside. I find the shaft goes cold and numb after an hour or two, something that doesn’t happen when stretching without a frame.

Was wanting to know if anyone has cut away half the base ring on his extender frame, just leaving an arc that can then press against the top of the shaft while extending in the straight up position?
Sitting while wearing it should feel less restrictive with the plastic on the underside removed. I have been using a donut shaped sponge over my shaft with the frame base pressed against it to stop it digging into my pubic area, but I still feel the device is too restrictive and it’s for that reason I prefer stretching without a frame.

I experimented with some half circle base designs when making my own extenders and it didn’t work out well, mind you, I was mostly working with a straight out extender design.

I’d say go for it, but I’d hate to see you try it and render your extender useless. :(

Is there any way you can “Macguyver” your own half base and experiment with it? It might work staying in place if you are only stretching straight up in combination with boxers holding it all in place.

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You might be able to use a thermal plastic like InstaMorph or SHAPELOCK and mold your own base. That way you could retain you original.

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The base of the penimaster is not removable as far as I can determine. No screws. It seems to have been moulded around the metal hinge. I have a cheapo noose based extender as well. I could try experimenting with that one before deciding to chop at the other.

Hi I had this problem I used a little bit of soft cloth and a strip of cotton wool over the base to stop it digging in. Just have look round the house you should find something that would work to make more comfortable if you chop it up mite be no good to use.

Where is that guy with the 3D plactic molding printer when you need him. I bet he could do it for a couple bucks plus shipping.

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Well, I sawed the penimaster base in half. It is definitely more comfortable when sitting, but I will make a new base for it that will bring the tensioners higher up and away from the scrotum. I only want to use the extender in the straight up position since I do manual stretching straight down.

Uploading some pics of your extender as you work on it, or even just a pic when its fully pimped out could inspire a solution to other members in a similar situation. :)

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I had this same problem. If your girth is above 5 you might want to look into getting the wide girth base from x4 Labs. The name is misleading. It’s more tall than it is wide but the point is that it doesn’t constrict your entire base. Also cut the top part off a sock and use it to pad the base against your skin. I will attach pics in a bit.

I didn’t get round to making a new extender frame. still using the penimaster frame with the half chopped base. I don’t want a fully enclosed base because I like to remove the frame and reapply it without having to slide the thing over vacuum unit. I always nip my foreskin for starters. Manufacturers must be out of touch with users to continue placing the spring tensioners at the base instead of near the top where the glans attaches. It’s a no-brainer if you ask me. The tensioners nip the skin near the base of my dick sometimes when I’m attaching the frame. That’s the problem with having too much girth for these godamm contraptions.

Originally Posted by jay9incher
Pics attached

That`s a good idea. Why didn`t I think of that.

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