Go to the ‘review’ section of the forum, and look for the ‘auto xleeve’ and ‘vacextender’ threads.
These products are made by the forum user ‘monkeybar’, who has his own commercial site (www.autoextender.com or something like that).

If you want a low force/long time ADS, usable as ANS, go for the xleeves. If your penis is already conditioned to some heavy PE I’d suggest to opt for thicker xleeves, avoiding the softer ones (which are very soft, IMO).

If you want a high force ADS, go for the vacextender or a similar vac-based extender. I prefer this kind of design which can be worn waist- or leg-wrapped, rather than fixed penimaster-like designs. You lose precision in determining the force intensity, but you gain in comfort and stealth.
Most important note: since the glans is not used to vacuum tools, as usual start and increase slowly or you’ll get fluid buildup/blisters.