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Stretcher Methods

Stretcher Methods

I am wanting to know if my stretching methods is a good method.
My stretcher is a Max Xtender for which I have used about 5 months. The instructions says to use at least 1 hour a day to see results.
I do that unless it is simply impossible due to work to do etc. The method I use is to first get a 95% erection and then squeeze my PC muscle to
enlarge my head while I strap myself down. This is suggested by the instructions as a means to enlarge the penis head while stretching.

Now to the part of interest. Once the device is securely attached, I will begin adjusting to maximum tolerable length. I will from there periodically
continue to make adjustments until I can not tolerate any more adjustments. I will do this while trying to keep it on for the duration of the hour.
The thought has come to mind that perhaps not adjusting for the max tolerable length and going for longer time instead could be more productive.
I am hoping someone out there has had some good results with stretchers. PE exercises has pretty much taken me to point to needing to lengthen
the ligament before more length can be achieved. I am still doing other PE to try to reinforce length as well as width. I also wondered if I should
strictly stick with the stretcher.

Perhaps I just need more patience’s but I sure would like to improve the process.

Much thanks for any and all input.


Hey Manzwa,

Glad to see your first post, finally. You have the record so far, for the longest time registered before a first post.

On the Max Extender stretcher, I am not a big fan of their attachment set up at all. I can see how the discomfort from adjusting it to max stretch would come into play, as far as how long a guy could wear the stretcher before it became unbearable.

I have no long term experience with a stretcher, I gave up on using a MaxExtender almost immediately due to the discomfort from the noose. Maybe some of the other guys that have used stretchers, of any type, will jump in here and post their opinions.

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Yeah, that noose takes some getting use to. I suppose some of the other stretchers that cost a bunch are more comfortable. But I would think the methods used no matter what stretcher would be pretty much. I just keep thinking I maybe doing something wrong or at least not the best way.

Anyone have any positive experience with stretching devices? Outside of weights? Manual stretching is tedious and rough on your skin making for a iky looks while you get a blow. Stretching devices that hold you at the base and head locking in the stretch alleviates both the rough skin and tired hands.


Can I ask, if you had problems with circulation?

I don’t use one of these devices, but i’ve used a noose type system before, and to get a good stretch i’ve noticed you have to have a pretty tight grip. All this seems to completely cut off the circulation for me resulting in a cold blue head after 15 minutes or so.

Are you able to get around that with this device? Because an hour seems a long time for the head to be without blood.

Sure you can ask, the answer is no. I have not had any problems with circulation. The instructions that came with the device says if this does happen to release the tension and start again after all goes back to normal. I have not had these problems though. I have seen a very slight bluish color but only after a long time which would be nearing the hour goal.

I would be interested in which device you have used?


Hey Thunder

Yeah, I have seen that before. I wonder how much success anyone had with that device?


Both P9 and I have been using an ADS for a few months now with some good results - most notably flaccid gains and girth gains at the base - erect length gains have so far been elusive. The version we’ve tried used a homemade Modified BibHanger with a Theraband traction strap attached to the leg. I believe it has advantages over the noose type stretchers in the respect that it doesn’t put anywhere near the amount of pressure on the dorsal region of the penis. Too much pressure there can be dangerous especially directly behind the glans where delicate nerve bundles reside - damage this area and you will have to wait a long time for the nerves to regenerate.

I believe that Tex3 has tried a noose type stretcher with some initial good results, but reported that it was very uncomfortable and was unable to wear it for the extended periods which the manufacturer suggested. Perhaps he may be able to elaborate further.

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I am sorry to say I don’t know what an ADS is. Could you tell me?

I looked at the bib hanger some time back. One day the price was reasonable and the next it was twice as expensive. When the price was jacked up I refused to pay the high price. I see the item is discontinued. What happened there?

I kind of have it in mind to buy the good stretcher but sure would feel better about the decision if I got some input from someone who has used it. I believe it comes with a training video too. That sounds helpful eh.



Hey Manzwa,

Here is the ADS thread:


And here is the info on the Modified Bib and Uli Thing, these are do it yourself items.

Mod Bib

Bigger was a kind enough sort to sell the hangers at his cost when they first came out, he even extended the low price for a couple of months if I remember correctly. There is some hint that the hangers may be coming back in the near future.

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@ Manzwa

The type of noose thing I used was just a bit of thin rope attatched to just below the head, with the other end attatched to a foot. It was good at the computer as you stretch whenever you move your foot out.

I think maybe I must just have a stubborn willy as I can’t get a good grip unless I tighten a lot, which cuts off the circulation for me. If done further down the shaft, all I stretch is skin.

But I gave it all up as I was afraid of damade, and went to fowfers and v-stretches. Too soon after starting to tell if their’s any improvement with that though.

You have a URL for that stretcher you got? I tried several different home made applications also before going with a comercial product. All my efforts were not so good. Either didn’t work or painful to wear.

Thanks for the input.


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