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Some Info About Phallosan Forte

Some Info About Phallosan Forte

Did anyone try the phallisan forte? How is it to wear? Has anyone experience with that?

Got a friend who gained 1,7 cm in 6 month. In winter clothes is possible to hide. I will personally buy peni master pro as it has belt and also rods. How is your experience so far?

I have heard that if you are german you get it for free as it is included in the social insurance.

I own a phallosan forte. I’ve made nearly .25 inches in gains. I’ve made some modifications to make it more comfy. You can really stack up the hours wearing it.

I used to own a penimaster pro, too. It’s just as amazing as the phallosan forte. They have larger latex pieces now, but when I first got the penimaster pro there were no different sizes. The latex parts were too tight, and prevented long wear time. Then a member came up with a balloon mod for it, I tried it, and it was awesome!

Hey man. So nice there is somebody who has got both German suction extenders. I am considering buying one.

How much did you gains with peni master pro and how long did it take to gain 0,25 with the phallosan?

Which one do you recoomend? I guess pm pro has the advantage that you can use also rods.

I speak with the sellers and in less than 3 months a new pm pro is coming up.

Phallosan is indeed very easy to wear. you can add hours like there’s no tomorrow …is that comfortable .I find MB sleeve to work better with it than the condoms they provide.

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What is the difference between Phallosan and something like the basic TLC tugger? They both seem to stretch the penis but one is about 1/8 of the price?

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The tlc is for foreskin restoration. The vlc is ventless so it’s used for enlargement. I don’t own the Forte but I do own another vac extender. The vlc grabs the foreskin which you will have to have enough to get on and pulls. The vac grabs the glans and pulls. me personally I have several tuggers including the vlc. I prefer the vac.based one because it doesn’t slip as easy and you don’t get the pinching sensation.

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I have tried the phallosan and the penimaster pro as well. They are great tools. I also really like the miracle slider extender. I would have a tough time picking the best out of those 3.

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I wore the phallosan for around a year. It is a great device, extremely comfortable and could be worn for most of the day. It is virtually concealable under clothes, if you wear long shirts/tops and loose pants. I gained quite well with it, but I did use it in conjunction with a good manual routine so I can’t legitimately say I gained X amount from the phallosan alone, as it was a combined effort with my hand. Don’t want my hand getting all pissy with my and feeling unappreciated :D

I walk around all over with the inherent bulge right by the waist, unless you wear a Phallosan people can only guess what that bulge is.

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