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Sock hanger

Sock hanger

Hi all, newbie here, been doing PE for about a year just doing manual stretches all directions and jelqing. Usually doing 2 on and 1 off, 10 mins stretches and 10 mins jelqing but only gained about quarter of an inch so starting out hanging past 3 weeks, been doing one on one off using 1lb weight for about 1 hour a day but now using 2lb weight still doing one on one off but doing 2 hours a day split into 6 sets, 3 morning and three at night. I’ve noticed past few days penis head turning slightly blue after sets, I’m using a sock hanger and been reading some bad things about sock hangers, are they safe to use?

Immediete firegoat rolls and kegals should bring back circulation. Perhaps a reduction in the amount of time spent hanging will reduce the likelihood of your penis head turning slightly blue.

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Make a Captain’ Wench or an AFB hanger; this last one will cost you about nothing. Or buy a muzzle. Even better, stay on manual exercises.

Thanks for the replies, just ordered stuff to make captains wench.

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