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Size Genetics Question

Size Genetics Question

For the hell of it I decided to measure while wearing the extender. It measured at 6”. I’m 3” flaccid and 4.8 erect. Could this be a indication of my possible gains in the future? 6” is my goal. I started back in Sept with the extender and have made some decent gains already. Just curious. Thanks

It’s is an indication the your BPFSL is about 6”. :)

We got many similar questions in regard to pumping and clamping; no one can tell if you ever reach the size that you can reach in the device. But an increas in the size you can reach in the device is usually an ‘announcement’ of gains coming.

Congrats for gains and good luck.

Thank you, I’m also a pretty heavy guy so I know I could lose some weight in my fat pad as well

That would be a wise choice.

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