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SIze Doctor Vacuum Extender


SIze Doctor Vacuum Extender

Attention PE Guru’s! Is this a scam or has anyone actually used this and got results?, extender & weights).I bought a cheaper one off DH gate(a lot less expensive than on but looks exactly the same. When I contacted they said the one I bought I was fake even though it looks exactly the same as the one on DH gate and the surgery website. Its a nightmare to get on and hurts like hell taking it off(removing glans from silicon girth bands).

Actually its working really good!. Just need to make sure you use lube before using it, and some patience when putting on the silicon fixing bands. Better than that phallosan garbage where does silicon sleeves rip in no time and not enough traction.

Would you recommend it after more experience? I read petty positive reviews for it

Re: Size Doctor

I just purchased this as well (off of Amazon).

It was a small learning curve with the bands but a little lube and the proper size band fixed that. The little valve pip up top doesn’t always close at first when I remove the squeeze bulb but after a few tries I usually get it.

I made a homemade extender about a year ago but struggled getting the head to stay in the strap I put on it. This sucks the head in and holds it there. Much easier once it’s on.

I just got it last Friday the 25th and didn’t really start using it as per instructions until a few days ago so haven’t seen gains yet.

Their suggested regimen does call to add a half cm extender once a week so at the end of 14 weeks theoretically I should have a 1.5 to 2in gain. Their table shows erect length + 2in in extenders added during that time so we will see.

I need to do a serious measurement in the next couple days and get a chart going. I’m not sure how to account for my curvature in my measurements as when I straighten it, I gain a quarter to a half inch. Supposedly this will help correct my curve up to 70% so that could add more than someone with a straight one.

As far as construction and usage so far, I’m a fan.

Update on valve pip issue:
I have found that after pumping the glans up into the chamber, once I have pointed it upwards and wait 10 seconds, the valve holds when I take the pump bulb off.

Now my only issue is I use one of the .5in extender pieces on the curve side as suggested. However, the only combination of extenders for my starting size uses 4 of the six provided so am using a total of 5. My next upward movement should be to add another .5in but I only have one left and there is no combination of the 2 other bigger sizes that will free up any more. I may experiment with trying to put in spacers of some sort on the curve side or, just do without until I get through this phase and on to the next.

I feel like this thread is dead?


How much time do you need to use the extender per day?(the size doctor device)

I’m just starting my second week upcoming. I have been using for about an hour a day. It comes with an instruction manual on disc that has the recommended time to use daily.


I recently purchased a size doctor as well and have mixed feelings. At some times I feel increased hang length and possibly erect length already after only 5 days.

But I also can’t seem to find the perfect fit. My glans are often close to going numb and feel a little odd after removing it. Size 5 silicon tube is slightly too big and results in my head bending inward slightly which isn’t uncomfortable but looks incorrect. Size 3 is too small so I use 4 and it does leave my glans feeling odd. “Hardened” and possibly some circulation cut off

I have had the same issue. I have found that wearing it for more than 30 to 40 mins in these first 2 weeks has a tendency to cause some purpling, numbness and occasional hard spots at the very tip by the urethra. I normally go in the hot tub before and after for massage and some light jelqing. It always seems to return to normal. I have definitely had a gain in the little over 2 weeks I have been using it. Also EQ seems much better, though some of that could be the BC reflex kegels I do in the hot tub. I’ve also noticed my foreskin coming back a bit. I’m guessing that some is getting sucked up along with my glans, though I try to prevent that by pulling down on the skin once the head has first popped inside from the vacuum.

I, too, am using the 4 girth band (I am 4.25 FG and 4.75 EG). My head goes in a little cockeyed as well. I seem to get some air escapage sometimes on the bottom side, presumably from the little valley of the frenulum where it runs up into the glans. This sometimes causes me to overpump to get it to stay. I have experimented with trying to release the air slightly but it’s hard to do without releasing the suction entirely.

So far the max I have done is 2 hrs, which is on schedule for what they refer to as the adjustment period but by the third 40 min session my glans goes numb for sure. I am hoping that once it gets used to it, this may not happen. However, the credo listen to your dick has definitely served me well. I have taken a couple rest days, usually prior to my progress measure. In addition, there has been at least twice in the last week where I have stopped after one or two sessions just because it got numb early. I was a skeptic at first but now with close to a 1/4in growth in 2 weeks, I am going to stay the course, though I may not wear it longer than a couple hours if I don’t start building up a longer tolerance for the suction.

This silicone grip does not seem flexible.

When you put the penis does not cause pain in the neck of the glans?

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(Inicio) 2008: 12cm NBPEL x 11cm EG

Wait what is this pump you got off of amazon? I’m very interested

Old thread, but I just got one myself. So far, seems to be alright. More comfortable than silicone straps and/or bands (for me).

I also finally got one. It’s made extremely well but much rather have another phallosan and plan on selling it, or trading for a phallosan if anybody has one.

I also found for me flipping the base upside down more comfortable.

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