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Silicone Vacuum RIng

Silicone Vacuum RIng

Anyone know how I can make this myself? Or where else I can go to have it made? I’m referencing the silicone vacuum rings that are for the auto extender (vac4)

Anyone know someplace/somewhere else I can buy these things? I’m having a terrible (understatement) experience with the autoextender maker in getting replacement vacuum rings. Think I may have to end up having my cc company do a chargeback against this guy.

I have been going back and forth with him and its been a whole month trying to resolve this. Its utter ridiculousness

Originally Posted by marinera
I suppose you can make them with the instructions supplied here
Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

Could this same method be applied to the vacuum ring? It’s the shorter piece that goes on the upper part of the shaft and plugs up the head cylinder.

I don’t have any commercial extender so I can’t answer, I guess anything made with silicon can be built as suggested in that thread, as long it is a simple object like a ring.

Sorry if this massive bump from the past is frowned upon but would anyone be able to make a 3d mold for these? Or even a file that could be shared?

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