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Setting up vac extender like a belt


So you are having a total amount of 8 hours per day, right? That’s should be enough for a while. I’d keep doing what you’re doing for a couple of weeks and then try to increase time gradually. But I insist, keep an eye on force. While you are not destroying your head at the point that you have to take unnecessary reset days, it’s fine. This is the sweat spot IMO.

There’s a link for the picture of the silicone cap in the page one of this thread. Maybe it can be useful in your search.

I’m taking it pretty slow building up to more time each week. I probably would have benefitted from better planning in how I built up. But next week I will be doing the four hours of higher tension plus at least an hour of light tension. It’s still a bit difficult with all the girth work I’m doing. My evening routine takes 3.5 hours.

So basically I want to build up over the next 3 months then start using the extender and the bathmate nearly exclusively. Maybe just do edging sessions for the extra benefit whenever I fly solo.

The cock thickens


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