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Setting up vac extender like a belt

Originally Posted by wisike

This is the one that I use:…ac-extensor.jpg

It helps to prevent blister, but you will still need to be cautious on how much tension you will apply and make sure to take it off for some minutes after 3 or 4 hours.

Surely I will start a thread in the Progress Reports forum. But for some reason I want to do that when I have gains to report, even if it’s minimal. Maybe someone can benefit from my hard time in getting gains and my experience to overcome it.

The road to gains is what is interesting.
Dont underestimate the power of people chiming in maybe giving you the deciding hint to grow.
Up to you.. I never did it myself but I plan to start a log once I have my VAC setup ready!!!

3 hours sounds great for low weights.. its fabulous.
I plan to do vac hanging and this will surely help there too.

Whats the highest you did hang with the glans protector? Or do you only use it as an ADS for now?

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
The road to gains is what is interesting.
Don’t underestimate the power of people chiming in maybe giving you the deciding hint to grow.
Up to you.. I never did it myself but I plan to start a log once I have my VAC setup ready!!

3 hours sounds great for low weights.. Its fabulous.
I plan to do vac hanging and this will surely help there too.

Whats the highest you did hang with the glans protector? Or do you only use it as an ADS for now?

Hum.. Hanging is more complicated. I tried few sessions with approximately 2kg. As per the supplier the maximum is about 4kg. I played safe with short sessions of 30-45 mins. After that, there is a cut off circulation on the glans.

I gave up on this light hang. My routine is diversified enough already (ADS, manual exercises and pumping). I’m very concerned about the healing process. So I think hang at this point will prevent good healing.

If you have the opportunity, you may want to check out plein lee’s log - see last page. I loved his idea of stretching using weights.

When I gained the .4 inch from ADS years ago I daily tracked hours. I averaged about 200 hours a month.

Even though ADS is a lower force I did at least 1 rest day a week, often 2.

I found with the right routine I had more frequent morning wood. If morning wood was not happening I would force a rest day.

After a day of ADS I would also edge, clamp for very short cycles, pump cycling enough to get a lot of blood forced throughout.

I do recommend tracking hours.

When in the ADS there is enough force that I can always feel the pull along the majority of the length. Using a leg strap does not reduce the force. You control the force or stretch by how hard you stretch your dick when tying off.

I attach to my leg strap with a shoelace.

Nice man. One more question for you: how long do take to get those 0.4 inch gains?

I did 230 hours from October 24th to November 21th. I gained 0.6 cm flaccid stretched and at least 0.4 cm in erect length. Very excited about my initial gains doing PE. I will create a log to share my experiences.

Thanks guys for keeping me motivated.

Nice work. Nothing motivates you more than making a jump like that. Hope I can get further up the length ladder along with you.

The cock thickens

Thanks man. How are you doing so far?

I was actually experimenting with jelqs while using a cock ring. I managed to get up to 7.75 (+.25) in a month but that’s while using the ring so it’s ultimately inconclusive.

I just started using the leg strap about a week ago, but I am already seeing a little flaccid improvement in length. Trying to build up an extra hour of time every week. This is the 4 hours a day week.

I really hope I am able to make a real contribution here once I get my goals. It’s so slow for so many people and I would love to make a dent in that. I do most things a bit different so with some luck, maybe I’ll hit something good.

Still though, a few more months gaining like that will get you pretty far.

The cock thickens

Good one! Yes, we are on the right track. In long term, gains should be very noticeable if we keep going.

I gave up on manual exercises last month. Now, my routine consist in basically usage of stretchers. ADS with vac and at night (and weekends) with the springs one. I’m following the tip from Laeh in this thread of tracking hours. Also, I’m wearing a silicone sleeve even when I’m not stretching anything, just to keep the flaccid state higher than natural. Kind of mental boost.

I’m still using a light tension ring during off time while I finalize my girth. Hoping to hit 6.5 minimum at the head. My base is already there so hopefully that’ll be done during this period of introduction to extenders.

I was actually thinking the same thing about the silicone sleeve while I am not actively keeping this sucker over his norm. My flaccid is a bit weak IMO. I am hoping that will help when I get to it. Really think anything extra that doesn’t push you to injury should help. Patience here is a real downer sometimes though.

The cock thickens

Well, a bought a bathmate pump from Portugal a couple of weeks ago. But customs in Brazil is like shit, so this may take a lifetime to be delivered. Nevertheless, I don’t expect nothing than increase EQ by pumping. Maybe some extra girth. It would be very good.

For now, I will stick with extenders. It looks like that I’m achieving decent results at a very low cost so far. After all, it’s not that hard get 10-12 hours of stretching per day.

I am not sure I’m conditioned to spend that kinda time in a vac. I get some bruising on the head at 4 hours of heavier tension.

If you have any tricks to make it less uncomfortable I’d love to hear it btw

The cock thickens

If you apply too much tension your glans is gonna suffer. Vac is all about tension. I don’t know how to describe exactly, but I just get the max flaccid stretch, never further than that when I attach the cap in the belt. My head still gets ugly through the week, then I have to switch to springs extenders on weekends to recover the damage. I’m also use a silicone cover for the head, however I’m not sure if you can find it at autoextender.

That said, first weeks are really tough, but eventually you will get used and learn how to increase stretching hours.

That’s not great news. I’m trying to use it at the tension of normal exercises for at least 4 hours a day, followed by probably mild tension for another 4. I’ve noticed a bit of bruising by evening but it fades during manual work and is gone by morning. I use a vitamin e aloe vera lotion every night as well. We’ll see how this is working out for me in another 2.5 weeks when I measure.

I’m gonna scour the net for that silicone cap though

The cock thickens

So far with longer higher tension I’d recommend taking the assembly off every half hour for about ten minutes

The cock thickens


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