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Requesting help from the ADS crew

Requesting help from the ADS crew

Hi there, I am about to make a purchase on a ADS or traction device. I would like to get some feedback on which one I should pick. I am looking for something that’s stealth, quality and obviously comfortable. I have been reading and doing searches about ADS’s on the site but I can’t make up my mind. I was hoping some of you who already own a device will guide me in the right direction. I figure im going to buy it sometime today, this thread will have a major impact in my decision. I welcome any advice, Thanks in advance.


Started 06/23/2004

originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

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PE weights are great, a lot of people (like me) love them.

The AutoExtender has a good following, its cheap and is the most comfortable.

Have you tried making one? Thats cheaper. Possibly a Captains Wench ADS would be very stealthy.

Personally I have a Penimaster and PE weights.

The PE weights are stealthier, I only use the Penimaster for 3-4 hours before sleep usually.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

I hate to say it, but the simple ADS for me kicks ass! I have been using it for 2 days now for about 12 hours total and I defintly have a better flaccid hang. My dick seems like it is in growth mode hopefully this translates into BPEL and NBPEL gains after I rest for a while now.

My cock seems to have been in almost perfect condition for using this ADS. I watched lil1’s tutorial and set it up easily for a nice little tension. After wearing the thing for many consecutive hours without any slip at basically the same tension (I’d say this is close a mixture between dynamic and static tension stretching) I took it off and noticed my whole outer shaft/tunica seemed to be sore which is what I was aiming for (place enough stress in the right areas so I could jumpstart penis growth from the body trying to adapt to the stress applied to it).

I will have to wait a few days and see if any real length gains have been made but I honestly do recommend this ADS to anyone who wants to test a good ADS that wears well all day and is very concealed and does the job well, at least for my situation is does…

Here is the link lil1’s Simple ADS Tutorial I have been talking about for making this thing (it looks like a joke but it really works!), and here is another link Simple ADS - Step by Step explaining how to make this ADS more in depth with some more text about setting it up.

If there is one thing I learned in PE it is try as much as you can over time. Don’t forget to keep trying to things and expierment so you can learn the many different types of feelings and ways you can cause fatigue/stress on certain parts of your penis possibly resulting in length or girth or both at the same time gains. :) What works for one person may not nessasarly work for you with your body type / genetics and penile condition. :)

I own and use a Jes-extender. I only wear it at the house and I take a break about every hour for 5-10min.
It is not very comfortable but I am used to it now.

It takes getting used to but it is a very solid product that have been tested and works. It is the first extender (as far as I am aware) and the site has a forum and very good service.

On the other side it is expensive and uses a silicone tube to fasten it to the penis head.

There are many different traction devices out there and I know there are people here that use devices like the Auto Extender, Penis Master (I think it is the same as the Jes?) and others. Some are similar to the Jes, some are different.

The Auto Extender has a different (and more comfortable?) head piece. This device has gotten allot of credit here.

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