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realistic goals with an extender

realistic goals with an extender

I know some have said they have gained 1 or maybe even 2 inches. But the vast majority have reported gains from .3 to .5 of an inch. When using an extender is that the realistic goal one should aim for and those who have gain 1 or more are just some lucky basters.

千里之行,始於足下 - Laotzi. Journey of a thousand miles…

I’d say 0.5-1 is realistic for most, but really it is luck of the draw. I’ve been having good luck with manual stretching or so it seems, so my hope is if I switch to an extender I might be in the 1-2” range.

Current: BPEL 7.9"/NBPEL 6.75" MEG 5.2", BPFL 6.5"/NBPFL 5.5" FG 4.4"


Realistic Goal: BPEL 8.5"/NBPEL 7.5" EG 5.5" | Optimistic: BPEL 9"/NBPEL 8" MEG 5.75" | Dream: BPEL 10"/NBPEL 9" MEG 6.5"

It depends on how many hours you’re willing to put in every day for six to nine months, that and using a sensible level of traction. I think 0.5” is a very reasonable goal for a 6+ hour daily routine lasting six months or more.

07/10/14 - 6.5" BPEL - 5.5" MsEG

29/01/15 - 7" BPEL - 5.5" MsEG

12/10/17 - 7.4" BPEL - 5.6" MsEG

can you use an extender while doing other things? like working?

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

If you have a desk job where you don’t move around alot or lift anything.

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