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Questions about bying a vacextender

Questions about bying a vacextender

Hello everybody!

I have now been on the newbie routine for over 2 months (and sporadically PE for about 4-5 years) and I want to proceed to using some kind of PE tool. I’m about 6,2 BPEL and 5,1 girth so my focus is entirely on gaining length. I have decided to use some vacuum product from monkeybars autoextender site. First I wanted to by the new vachanger but it isn’t finished yet and I’m really tired to wait so I have been looking into his brand new vacextender 4 and it seems really nice!

As a quick question, is the vacextender 3 something I should consider (it’s cheeper) or should I just focus on the new vacextender 4 that claims to be much better then vacextender 3?

First I wanted to buy the vachanger because this summer I will have very little privacy on work (working outside, very physical and no access to a toilet under the day to change ADS settings etc) I will have about 3-5 hours of PE time. But it’s just the summer and after it I’m back in school and will have 5-12 hours of PE every day. From what I’ve read you have to use an extender more hours a day to get results, thats why I first wanted a vachanger but I think I can get a decent amount of hours in the summer and then after the summer I can use the extender like crazy!

My questions as now are mainly about which option for the vacextender I should buy. I’m a poor student and don’t want to spend to much money. I want to buy the vacextender 4 KR kit (as I understand the JES kit is just a more genuin feeling in the parts but no real difference in usage)
But then I can choose *Basic kit, or *Plus kit. The difference is 20 dollar but I don’t really have a clue if I will “need” the extra parts in the plus kit. The extra things you get in the plus kit is:
Two - Vacuum Ring II instead of one
Two - 6” tubing fitted instead of one
20” connecting tubing instead of 14”
Two - Connecting Valves instead of one
Two - Regular Compress sleeve instead of one
Universal Harness instead of none

20 dollar is not that big deal so I am thinking about ordering the vacextender 4 KR plus kit. But some opinion if it is not nessicary would be great.

I also wonder a bit about how I should design my routine. Is jelqing often something I should incorporate in the use with an extender? I have read that with a hanging routine you should not use any other routine except maybe some little jelqing.
My thought is during the summer when I have little privacy on monday-friday I will have a routine something like this:
Monday: Restday, maybe some 10-30 min wet jelq
Tuesday - Friday: As much extender time I can get, about 3-5 hours a day and on some days a little wet jelqing, 10-30 min
Saturday - Sunday: About 8 hours of extender time and maybe some wet jelqing.

Then after the summer I will just increase the extender time to as much as I can, maybe 5-12 hours a day.

This became a long post and I already have a clue about what I should buy and how to use it but it would be awesome with some thoughts and tips from other guys with experience from extenders and especially from vac extenders!

Cheers/ John_J

Go for the V4 KR plus. The silicone parts wear out over several months and it is cheaper to get the replacemenus in the package instead of individually. The harness is also a good way to add an ADS to your routine. You can buy inexpensive fishing weights and attach them to the head cap hook with a key ring and use it as an ADS. I have built my weights up to 3 lbs which I wear under clothing for up to 3 hours a day.

Stretching and jelqing are good supplemental routines. I do them whenever I go into the bathroom. Pumping is also something to think about when you get more money. I pump for twenty minutes a day.

Thanks dtwarren, appreciate your reply. I will probably buy the vacextender 4 KR plus kit this week.

I understand you are using a vacextender, do you mind share your routine and gains using it?

I just ordered it :)

I use the V3 mod kit on my X4. I attribute most of my 3/4 inch EL gain to my 2 plus year extending experience. I averaged about 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. I also started using the head device a year ago as an ADS with weight attached for about three hours a day. I also pump 5 days a week for 20 minutes a day and fit in stretching when I can, usually during bathroom breaks.

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