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Proper Noose Technique

Proper Noose Technique

Ok so I’ve got an X4 labs extender

I started by using the strap which I really didn’t find very effective at all. Penis kept slipping out.

So then I decided to use the noose, which I find is MUCH better I can get some good tension going but I’m unsure of the best technique.

The problem is that the glans get all compressed together at the bottom where the noose is. I currently get a half erection going then I force a bit of blood into the head then I try to position the noose just under the glans then I tighten pretty much as tight as I can. Now whether or not the blood partially stays in the head, fully stays in the head or not at all the constant is that at the glans it is all bunched up (it often goes white)

I am putting a fair bit of tension but I guess that’s the point. I have been thinking of trying or at least oscillating between the modified vac-extender and noose because I can’t wear the noose too long because it bunches up the glans too much then when I take it off it is all bumpy and messed up.


Just so you know; lots of the guys will tell you that not using one is the proper technique. Perhaps some of the guys can help you with implementing safer methods? Having said that, I’m sure guys have experimented in how to use a noose in the safest and most comfortable fashion.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Actually, although it may sound strange, I find that using a plastic baggie under the noose works well in terms of reducing friction (& therefore that burning pain sensation).

Vacuum modification for the win!!

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