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Phallosan forte


I was unsure what your device was until I googled it. I assume the sleeve you are speaking of slides over the plastic cone which covers the glands and then rolls down the shaft if I am correct to bring everything together. The link provided if you scroll down on the page, should be what you are requesting.

Thanks so much for this link.

Still not sure as to which sleeve would be best to use with the phalloson forte. Does anyone who has done this know?

Originally Posted by insecurewith9

The outer sleeve just tore! That thing was supposed to last me weeks!

I kinda solved the loss of suction issue by putting a cotton ball in the bell before inserting my gland, that way the silicone thimble doesn’t seal up the vacuum holes before I can get great suction.

I will also confess that I just came back from jogging with it on :I

It IS otherwise very comfortable, hope the sleeves are not too pricey otherwise I’ll have to get creative with balloons!

Hi there,

I’m using a balloon now because I ripped my condoms on the first day of use. Try the 36 inch balloons, they work great!

My experience with Phallosan Forte (the product AND the company) have been very mixed.

My first impression of the product was that it was pretty flimsy, and way too awkward to put on my private parts.
Another gadget gathering dust, for weeks.

I retried, off course. With some perseverance, I found that I could use the extender for hours on end.
And it really seems to work!! My dick grew a little in size, mostly girth, in the first week.

Now for the bad part. The “condom sleeves” tear way too easily. I actually tore three sleeves in one hour, and I am very careful with them.

So far no reply from Phallosan the company to solve this problem, after two months. It seems a rip-off. They must be aware of the problem, but hide away in a cave in Malta. A very luxuriously decorated cave, going by the cost of their plastic contraption.

I have read the advice on alternatives for the Phallosan sleeves here.
I have gotten thicker 0.1mm German made condoms, see if that will work somehow .

Originally Posted by insecurewith9
I tore through my 3 sleeves in one day!

Only one was my size, the other two were for the medium and small bells so of course they were going to tear on the large bell .. Thing is I might have gotten a bad patch because literally a piece came off the outer sleeve. I pinched it between my forefinger and thumb to roll it onto the bell and a piece the size I was pinching tore off, that to me is some faulty silicone.

Now my whole ADS unit is useless!

There’s down time while I order more from Germany or where ever the heck its from and cost! This is going to be a MAJOR problem through out owning the Phallosan forte.

For the money I think I should’ve gotten 20 outer sleeves and their should be a way from the start to order just Large and a size bigger, no reason for me to have gotten the two smaller sizes, we are all capable of measuring our unit and requesting just what will work and above.

Dude I completely agree the sleeves are total crap. I expected a better product for the money I paid. It’s so comfortable though, I just with those damn sleeves were thicker and harder to rip.

I agree it should come with extra sleeves, and it’s overpriced. It’s easy to say they should only send one size, I thought the same, but then I thought what about those people that are in between sizes and it’s hard to decide which one to use based on the size guide, those people may have to reorder and wait just for another size, and for just a few dollars of plastic parts should obviously would change the product cost zero since the cost in this case has nothing to do with manufacturing expense. So, probably a good way to agitate people by including only one size.

I have found you need to enter the sleeve completely dry and void of any lubricants or even remnants of lubricants, and wash the sleeve and bell with warm soapy water after every use. When I do this it never slips out. To be fair I haven’t ripped a sleeve yet however I have thought of ordering more as they do seem like they would be vulnerable to that, I try to be careful putting them on. The company may not sell a lot of these, who knows, so to even be worth it for the company to exist they may need to charge a higher price. I think the price probably keeps a lot of people from buying it though. There is room for competition, I have definitely thought of making something similar with some needed improvement and better price point, but “ain’t nobody got time for that”

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Originally Posted by insecurewith9
So I just got my ADS device in yesterday, a few complaints:

In my case the large isn’t quite large enough, I have to squeeze my gland way too much to fit in the silicone sleeve that is shaped EXACTLY like a thimble! Can we get a more realistic shape for a penis cap please?! My head hits bottom before I even start to pump so after a few, the silicone cap plugs up the several small vacuum holes and I don’t get that tight seal. Out of 5 try’s I was able to get it working once.

When its on it feels pretty comfortable but I don’t know if the roughly 3 lbs of pull is enough to gain me any length regardless the time I use it (I could be wrong) I wish it had more like a 5-10 lbs pull, but then I probably couldn’t wear it all day, still a little more tug would be nice.

3 outer sleeves. That’s all I got, and other two are for the small and medium size bells .. So I might only have 1 usable sleeve? For $319 plus shipping I should have 10 of these easy to tear sleeves.

On the plus side:

It looks well made, like it was an apple product.
It is comfortable
It is discreet, when I wear it out it does look like I have rolled up pair of socks high in my front pocket. The draw back from this is that I don’t have my bulge in between my legs anymore so its quite De-masculating! You feel like mister nothing pants because Rupert is sideways along your belt line :/

I like the idea of a vacuum device attaching to my gland but I need more weight, any suggestions?

Well if the biggest bell is not fitting then you are eligible for P.E. Because you already have a big size. You just need to guide us to reach your size. Looooool

I don’t know what people are doing but I haven’t tore any of my sleeves yet after 1.5 months.

I would say don’t use the little silicon thimble shaped glans cover, seems useless and it’s so tiny, not worth the hassle for me.

28 Aug 2014: 6.25" x 6" (MEG) >>>>>>>> 30 Dec 2015: 7.25" x 6.5" (MEG)

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I have actually found a good alternative to the overpriced (by FAR) crappy sleeve condoms I got with my Phallosan Forte: regular condoms! Duh.

I found some with extra thickness, so as to fit better on the device and my penis. Usage couldn’t be more simple. Simply cut off the tip of the condom, and you have a stretchy rubber / latex / silicon tube, with two open ends. You roll the larger open end over the suction bell, and the other over your penis. As always, rolling a condom can only be done over an erect penis.

And this actually stays on, even with the traction! To my surprise ..
The advantages over Phallosan’s extortionate scheme are clear: cheaper FAR cheaper, actually a lot easier to apply, you can easily find the right size for you, easier to supply.

I would suggest you find condoms that have thicker rubber / latex than average. Also, consider that it should stay on even when you are flaccid. There are condoms for small girth. These would be perfect!

FYI they redesigned their sleeves slightly and they are supposed to be a lot more resilient. Only time will tell though.

Also, if anyone orders now, once you know your sleeve size, they’ll send you three more free of charge.

EDIT: I just noticed the OP’s soft/flaccid size is around 8x6.5? If that truly is the case I wouldn’t be that surprised that no ADS or extender would fit easily. That’s kinda like being 400 lbs and wondering why you never fit well in any chairs. lol

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Originally Posted by Phoenix7672
FYI they redesigned their sleeves slightly and they are supposed to be a lot more resilient. Only time will tell though.
Also, if anyone orders now, once you know your sleeve size, they’ll send you three more free of charge.

That’s right.

But still the advantages of using quite regular condoms still hold: 30 times cheaper, easier to apply on the device, easier to supply and available in lots of sizes.


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