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Phallosan ADS device


Penisplus is good but in my advice you can use only at home
so you can control every hour the situation. eh eh

Anyway I don’t think it can replace a good pe routine
maybe can be useful to enhance a little the results of routine…

If you have time to put it and control, like 2/3 hours
I think it’s safe.

I use it watching TV, or a hour in bed…while relaxing
or while cooking, eating at home…
The grip is better if I change the position
: more close to my ass, than to my navel
In this position the grip is ok, and I can stay comfortable
for an hour, than take away it .

I take in Germany:


Condom ADS offers a condom-like ADS that sounds a lot like the one you mention. I requires a theraban wrap of the glands to prevent the head from swelling which will break the suction. It is pretty comfortable for about an hour then has to come off. They recomend wearing it all the time and promise a 1” gain in length in a year. Used as directed it sucks, but used after hanging to alow micro-tears to heal while extended it might just be worth the discomfort of wearing for an hour, yet just keeping your theraban wrap on an hour after hanging would probably do the same thing. The problem with their product is you can’t pee with it on or see the tip of your dick to check color or numbness.




using phallosan and a version of the jes-extender (andromedical) after I had some erection troubles with manual exercises. In 3 month I gained 0.5 inch in length. can not say whether it was the extender or phallosan. however, phallosan is comfortable to wear and it is possible to wear it in public. You can build up a nice stretch (definitely more comfortable and more stretch than with penis plus).

Problems are that it can be pretty difficult to put it on. If the vacuum created in the condom is not big enough the penis slips out. If you stretch very intense your head swallows and gets a bit blue or even ‘deformed’. However, the swelling goes away after a few minutes. A positive side effect is that you really get a bigger head because of the long time low vacuum effect. For the rest, you don’t get much girth - as with all stretching devices.

I think it is a good device (regarding comfort probably the best). Also talked to a German urologist who recommended this device. If you consider to buy the product take into consideration that the condom (EUR 50) only has a life-expectancy of about 2 month. Service via telephone was good, via email was bad.


english site

for those interested in phallosan. there is now an english version.




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