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Penis extender? ?


I wouldn’t even be able to fit a bigger rod on as my penis would definitely not fit in

Have you tried adjusting the tension nuts?

I do, I get an extra 1/4” - 1/2” when I tighten the tension nuts, but it doesn’t feel as if it is stretching

Then the only thing to do is put in more short rods first. Are you stretching all the way out and pushing the attachment tray all the way in when you hook up?

I push it all the way in, get my penis in and tighten, then I let go so it stretches and then I turn the nuts to make it get even longer which is somewhere between 1/4” - 1/2”.. As for rods if I put anymore on my penis doesn’t fit, I have 2x1/4” and 2x1/2”

You need to stretch yourself before attaching your cock to the tray. So you are already stretched before you let the tray go. This will require more rod segments to get the tray out far enough. It’s kind of tricky the first few times, like it seems like you need three hands for it, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Can you elaborate more as I feel a bit confused, sorry

Ok, step by step:
1) use hand #1 to stretch your penis all the way out to a good stretch and hold it there
2) use hand #2 to push the attachment tray all the way in towards your body

Note, you will need enough rods on the extender so that when the attachment tray is pressed all the way in, and your penis is stretched all the way out, the attachment point (noose, velcro, strap, etc.) is just behind your coronal ridge (base of your glans)

3) hold the stretch and the push. Use your unused fingers to attach your penis to the tray
4) slowly release the tray

That make more sense?

A lot more sense, only how do I keep the foreskin back or doesn’t it matter?

Oh, shoot I’m cut, I don’t know if you need to retract or not.

For something simple it’s very hard.. Lol

Originally Posted by mc_rolla
For something simple it’s very hard.. Lol

Super hard, just straight too complicated. You should get monkeybar’s vac extender attachment and cap. You attach first with the vac cap, then all you gotta do is pull on the vac cap and push in on the tray and hook the two together.

Where do you get it from?

Originally Posted by rootsnatty
Oh, shoot I’m cut, I don’t know if you need to retract or not.

I am uncut so perhaps I can help

You should retractthe foreskin back behind the strap or noose.


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