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I understand the constraints of a ‘weird daily schedule’ I’m the same, can be hard to fit it in.

I think generally the consensus around Thunder’s is that purely length training, such as by using an ADS, doesn’t require any rest unless your penis explicitly feels like it needs one.

One day off a week won’t hurt, no, but it will mean you will gain 1/7 = 14% slower than otherwise :p

Well I will find my sweat spot by trial and error.:)

I recently began taking Damiana for increased ball size. I didn’t tell my wife about it. About two weeks later, she was getting ready to give me some oral attention and suddenly said, “Your balls are getting bigger!” - I had already thought they were, but am always suspicious that it’s just wishful thinking. Now I take damiana in the morning and at night, and I have noticed a slight but definite increase in size.

And it doesn’t hurt that damiana is available in nearly every vitamin/herb store and is very inexpensive. The brand I started with was from “the vitamin store” and can be picked up at their retail locations, their online web site, for from Amazon.

Good luck! I’m still wishing I had chicken-egg size balls, but don’t think that will ever happen. Am curious about using a vac pumper on the boys, but don’t have the funds to put towards that end.

Hm.trying to figure out wtf is this other thingy and how to use it.

See the photo here:

As you see the assembled VacEctender has a thingy with two holes in it.In the on their site they only explain how to assemble the other part(the one where you put you cock in the rubber tube.),so what do I do with the thing with the two holes?

Any site that I can find info on what and how to assemble as the AutoExtenders site is at least,unupdated.:P

Ok thats it for me.I have been trying like 50 different ways to wear the extender with the rubber thing and can’t.Let alone to try remove it and re attach it every two hours.Unless there is another way to use the extender WITHOUT the rubber tube,I will send it back

I don’t understand what your problem is. You should read about how to wrap your penis so that you can use the rubber tubing. Or just use the vac head piece.

I tried using the rubber tubing but my hands tend to sweat a lot,so I can’t roll it etc.So I want to use the vac head instead.However I don’t know what procedure to follow to use it.Should I first attach it to my penis then to the side bars?How?Also should I wrap my penis in some sort of comfy/gentle sort of cloth/material before putting my penis head in the vac head?The silicon things that you put in the vac head has some sort of material that is soft around it,but is this enough?:(

Ask to the manifacturer. There should a thread dedicated to the vac-extender around here, also, maybe you should ask there.

Originally Posted by twentyFifteen
Is my first post. I’m from Brazil and my English is not the best, but I will do my best to my English to be correct.

Your English is very good.

Boa sorte!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by Tweaking


I have seen these videos.I need instructions for the other typer of penis head attachments,not the rubber vacuum thing.:/

Hi guys. Are these stretching devices effective at targeting the septum?

So I started PEing seriously about Three months ago and got some initial gains. Nothing big. But then after about a month and a Half of dedicated PE I kind of stopped :( I know, extremely stupid of me. School just got overwhelming and being a Filmmaker did not help. But my New Years resolution is to get back to a solid Routine and get some REAL gains! Before I wasted any time I went ahead and bought the Auto Extender Head and AutoXleeve Silver Edition since I already had the X4 Extender kit. They have all been sitting on my desk for the last month but this next Year will be the year they get worked. Im also going to buy the weighted head pieces for the AutoXleeves. I fully believe in the power of PE to grow the penis, and I will put it to the test this next year. Still focused on Length rather than girth right now. The Newbie routine with ADS and Auto Xleeve sounds like a killer combination. When I was on for that month and a half, I did the Newbie and ADS. The only new edition is the Auto Xleeve system so wish me luck! Also getting back to my working out routine because I got this chick that is feeling me! She was just in the Illinois Beauty Pageant, so you know she’s a Hotty! A Blonde too ;)

But yeah the Newbie Routine, ADS (with Auto Extender head) and Auto Xleeve. Lets get her done!


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