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Penis Extender traction for curvature correction

Penis Extender traction for curvature correction

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used or is using any extender traction device? The reason I am looking into this is because I have been reading that it can significantly reduce penis curvature. I have a very pronounced upward curvature that doesn’t allow me to do certain positions during sex, hence why I’d like to decrease it a bit. If anyone has any experience in the area it would be most appreciated. I’ve tried researching online but most of the stuff that comes up are websites that advertise and sell devices, so it’s hard to find any reliable information. Thanks!

I have read about Dr. Levine in Chicago. I live overseas and it would be very expensive for me to go see him. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to do this at the moment. If someone has gone with him, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share some input with me about what he instructs for traction and how closely does he monitors you?
…. I’ve read many good things about the x4labs, does anyone have any success story with this device? Thanks!

You posted on the Spanish Forum bro. :D

Thanks, which one are you using? Have you had any side effects like problems with erection?

I used a very simple homemade extender, noose-style based, basically a homemade Max-xtender; some people find it pretty uncomfortable. Consistent and prolonged use of extenders can temporarily lower your EQ (so does any kind of stretching actually).

I suggest, instead than buying an expensive extender, to invest a cheap one (Leluv extender for example); I can’t remember if it comes in a vac-based version but you can eventually buy the vac-mod from, or make it by yourself
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If your curvature is not due to the Pyeronie’ syndrome manual stretching would work also; reducing the curvature will require a hell of time but an upward curve will straigthen up in most of cases.

If you do a search on ‘curve* correct*’, title olnly option, you should be able to find a good number of related threads.

Thanks Marinera, what sort of EQ decrease did you experience and for how long? Did it go back to normal eventually?

I said temporarily, didn’t I? :)

What kind? Less frequent erections and less firm, say a 30% decrease if you want a number at any costs, but really it is hard to evaluate. A short jelqing session every other day will reduce this issue, which can also be different from a guy to the next.

Ok, so how long did this problem last? When it happen, were you only using extender or other methods as well. I’m glad it was temporary for you, I’ve read cases that seem to last longer than that.

The ads didn’t fix my curvature.

Generally, the technique that is advised by vets for this purpose is the “jelq against the curve”. Otherwise bends in the opposite direction.

I have tried both without any results.

Make your cock longer and bigger, and the curve will be less noticeable!

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PE in general has somewhat reduced my (heavy) downward curve. To what degree extending has been the cause of this I do not know. I’ve gained a fair bit of length, so visually it hasn’t made a massive improvement and it’s only when I look at it from the side (Or mirror) that I notice.

That said, sometimes I’ll have morning wood which is completely straight. Very peculiar.

Thanks for sharing DomXZ

Try some erect bends, that helped me a bit.

Originally Posted by jaycethd
Try some erect bends, that helped me a bit.

Be EXTREMELY careful with these. Better to be curved than damaged. I use erect bends sometimes but with low intensity.

Edit: By the way, my wife loves my curvature. :)

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