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PeniMaster vaccum problem

PeniMaster vaccum problem

Hello fellow PErs and others

I used to do a lot of manual stretching in the past, bought a penimaster and tried to use it, but it didn’t work. I could never create enough vacuum for my penis glans to fit in the chamber. I left it in my basement and forgot about pe completely because of time issues.

Now, 2 years from when I first searched for PE and found this forum, I have some time and I’d like to restart. I grabbed my penimaster and gave another try to what I’ve never successfully accomplished: insert my penis in. And even now I’m still having trouble to fit it in!!

I seek guidance. I did not found anything related to this using the search feature, could anyone help me?

Vacuum systems

This is my question. Do the extenders that relay on vacuum hold as well as the strap type, or is more of a gimmick?

Vacuum systems

This is my question. Do the extenders that use a vacuum hold as well as the strap type, or is more of a gimmick?



some people find pmp to be the best some others cant use it in a confy way. Ask mbbcn, he finds it confy. Your best bet is to ask to 9inchtail as he has used most vaccum system extenders. It is curious something that is so expenesive cant be used for everybody,what’s your girth? What are your gains and previous PE experience?

When conguering a golddigger you need a large bank account, when conquering a dickdigger you need a large tool. When conquering a woman you need a minimum of three things: money, class and yes: dick size. Good news are, you can actually improve in all these three aspects.


I do not know. Never tried a strap type extensor, but so far, from the half suction I can get on my glans when trying to fit it inside, it holds quite well and it is comfortable, I believe that a full and successful created vacuum will be both preety reliable and comfy.


Could you please explain some of the abbreviations you used? There are some new terms in the world of P.E. there that I did not recognize.

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