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Penimaster (Stretcher/Extender) Users - Report Your Gains Here

One quick question…How much did you guys pay for your PM? I see several prices some as low as $95.00 and as high as $167.00.

I think I saw it at $149.00 on the PM site with free shipping. Was I seeing things are am I correct with that amt. Thanks!!!

Device- JES Extender / $199

Usage- averaging 6hrs a day 5 on 2 off (have pulled off 10 hour days)

Duration- Been employed for 14 days.

Gains- No length yet, may take some time, although I can physically see girth gains while erect, and much thicker veins, harder erections. However, flaccid is still same @ 3.5 in / erect 5in5in.

Other Exercises- Wet Jelq x200 after stretching, hot wrap before and after sessions ahhh.

I believe the secret to the JES Extender is the daily amount of hours put into it. I’m slowly trying to get up to 12 hours of daily use. I will continue to use this for as long as possible.

Does anyone have a really good way to keep the device on for more than 2 hours at a time? I use an ace wrap to wrap just under the glans. I then tighten all the way and crank up the tension to 1200g. I then wait about 15 mins and start to loosen the comfort band so that blood flow can happen.

Then problem is that when I loosen it my penis starts to slip down. If I keep it tight enough to hold it in place I lose circulation and my head gets cold and purple. I would love to find a way to wear this for 2 three hour periods without taking it in the morning and one at night. Currently it is just too much of a pain because I must constantly monitor it (like every 10 mins). I am only able to wear it for 2 hours a day currently :(

Starting NBPEL: 6.25" EG: 4.75"

Now NBPEL: 6.5" EG: 4 7/8"

Thank you so much marinera!

Starting NBPEL: 6.25" EG: 4.75"

Now NBPEL: 6.5" EG: 4 7/8"

Trying to Make it Better

Trying to Make it Better

I found this to be very help full.

I have no more slipping as I did with the original strap.

I use about 20 inch of cohesive elastic fixation bandage for wrapping.

Usually I just take a break every 60 or 90 minutes, even do my head isn’t really cold or anything.

Well good luck hope you have good results.

Bp Fl: 4,5 Fg : 4 Bpel: 7,1 Eg : 5,9 27 july Bp Fl: 5,3 Fg : 4.2 Bpel : 7,8 Eg : 5,9

1. 5 days a week

2. 5

3. 5 months

3. .5

4. None

5. Light jelqing

Over all I am happy that something works .. I guess if I was more dedicated I would have seen better gains

1. 5 days a week 2 days off

2. 3 hours a day

3. 2 months

3. .7

4. None

5. Golf weights/baseball weights

I usually use the stretcher to stretch and harm up my mussel for the weights. I bot the x4labs version,if new then what I know now I would of just made one.(Live and Learn

I am satisfied

I bought an over priced piece of junk 7 months ago and I gained half inches.
Using it at least 5 hours per day 4 days per week.
I bought from this web site for cheaper and the transaction was great with the seller.

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What the hell is with this sudden rise of spammers?? Are times that desperate?

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.


I don’t believe these stretchers work for one simple reason: I used a JES Extender for more than 2 years, everyday, started with 4 hours a day, worked to 14 hours a day, than worked to 1300 kg tension. I kept all the info about hours / day and tension used, still no results (still have the sheet with the info). I can tell using the JES Extender was kind of an obsession to me. I was really prone to make any effort to gain length and girth, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe it works for some people and not for others, just as jelqing, but in my experience it doesn’t work. I wouldn’t recommend the investment (money, PAIN, mental energy and time). I think what you have to put into it is too much when you think about the results. Even those results that could be considered positive are too small bearing in mind the sacrifice necessary.

Now, I would like to post my results with Jelqing and other exercises I learned here:

3/5/2009 13 cm NBPEL 12,5 cm EG
4/14/2009 13,8 cm NBPEL 13 cm EG
4/23/2009 14 cm NBPEL 13 cm EG
5/13/2009 14,5 cm NBPEL 13 cm EG

All these for free, no pain, some pleasure and with improvement of my arms’ tonus.still, I think I got to 15cm, but since I have a scheduled measure day, on June 15, I am not sure yet.

Maybe the stretchers could work in conjunction with Jelq / PEing, I don’t really know. But since I used only a stretcher, than only Jelqing I know what works for me.

Mitnick, from Brazil

1. How Often Used? Almost daily (at least five a week)

2. Average Hours Used Per Day? 8-12

3. How Long Used? 1 month

3. Erect Length Gained? .5” FL and EL

4. Erect Girth Gained? 0.0”

5. Other Methods Used? None

This is my favorite PE technique so far.

Oh and I started at 6.75 nbpel so I’m now 7.25 nbpel and 5.75 girth


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