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Penimaster (Stretcher/Extender) Users - Report Your Gains Here

1. 7 days

2. 6- 8hr

3, 27 days

4, 1/4 inch length

5, 1/4 bottom .not much in middle

6 no

Wow this shit works!


Fattire: Do you do anything else than wearing the Pm? like jelqing or hanging or something?
And how much tension do you use? I surpose its not maximum if you use it 6-8 hours a day?

By the way nice gains! i think i have gained 1cm in Fsl in almost a month, but im waiting for more!


Is this equipment worth buying if your LOT is at 7? Anyone tried to sleep with it?

Restarting everything.

Sleeping with it is a big no no!

Well this device isn’t intended to stretch the ligs or tunica for that matter. It is just to keep your penis in an elongated state on which new cells are formed and your penis is force to grow due to the producion of new cells. In laymans terms wear it for a long time you get a bigger dick.

The PeniMaster is a great device, but it will only work if you use it. I have only used mine a handful of times during the last two months. In that time I have gained but I feel that the gains came from stretching and jelqing, and not from the Penimaster. Oh and the learning curve is a bitch, at least for me :)

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Well I just measured again, my total gains now come out to about .7” length and a hair over the 1/2” mark on girth.

I have begun to run into a problem more and more recently with my head slipping. The way I’ve been getting around it is to do some squeezes, and kegel a bunch of blood into my penis, but not so much that it becomes hard. Then attach the device as normal, just below the head, and pull the strap as far as it will go in without pinching up the skin. Then instead of attaching the rods to the holder part, just let the device slide down your shaft until the base stops at the holder part. Just let it hang like this for 5 minutes or so, occasionally doing a couple kegels. After 5 minutes, your head should have swollen up to a much larger than normal size. Do a few more kegels to engorge the rest of your dick, the go ahead and put the rods in the holder.

This has allowed me to wear it for longer periods of time, usually around 45 minutes now at more than the maximum tension.

DMT. Those are fantastic gains - it’s really making me want to get a PM. You say you have gained 0.5” in girth that is amazing. Have you been doing any other exercises, though? Cheers for any info.


Thanks Good_Knight. I have been doing some other exercises as well. I do around 50 blasters, then 5-10 minutes of squeezes and dry jelqs before putting on the Penimaster. I also do 5 min or so of squeezes and dry jelqs a 2-3 times through out the day at work when I have a chance.

Unfortunately, last night I broke my Penimaster for the 2cd time in 3 months, so I’ll be without it for a week or so.

Hi guys,

I have been jelqing with dedication for roughly a year and a half. My starting size was 7 15/16.” I am now 8 3/8.” Girth has also increased, but the measurements are a bit iffy. I started with the penimaster the first week of April. April—six hours per day, every day. May—six hours per day, every day. June—12 hours per day…yesterday and today I am taking off because I’m sore between my head and the shaft (this is my first time off since I started stretching). By the end of May my measurement appeared to increase by 1/4.” However, I’m not totally convinced that I have achieved real gains. I guess I’m a skeptic by nature. If I measure another 1/4” I’ll know for sure that it’s for real and not the result of bone pressing harder or a superman erection.

I would like to know the tension levels that everyone here is using.
I am going strictly by the book. From the start I have tried to keep tension right at 1150 (the first notch).

*first notch=1150g
completely retracted=1380g
completely retracted plus extra tension=1380g+

comfort tip

I saw this tip at the German PM forum. Staples behind the belt notches prevents the dreaded buckeling that allows the notch to partialy slip through the platform.

After the mod, there has been no belt slippage and I also happy to report that my penis has been much, much more secure.

*make sure you press the end points of the staples well into the rubber so you don’t get scratched. Feel with you fingers to make sure the points are well dug into the rubber.

here is a pic

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Nice tip wol0003, I’ll have to try that when my new support tray comes in. The slippage is my pet peeve with this thing.

As for the tension, I don’t know how much but it would be way past the max. Right now, I’m using the biggest and smallest rods together. The rods become completely retracted about 1/3 of the way out, but I unscrew them all the way out.

Hi guys. I have had my penis master for about 3 month now and my penis does not seem to be growing at all! I am wearing 3 hours a day every day but to no avail. Any tips?

Originally posted by Gardenier90
Sleeping with it is a big no no!

Actually it says on the site that once you have some experience wearing it at night is perfectly ok. I would still use caution but properly done I don’t see why there would be any reason you couldn’t wear it the entire day.

Here are my stats:

1. Daily

2. 8 Hours Per Day

3. 1 month (start date 17 July 2003 at 5 3/4” BPEL x 4 1/2”)

3. A litttle over 1/4” (now just over 6” BPEL)
4. 1/8”

5. 500 jelqs per day


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