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Penimaster results poll

Sounds like the Penimaster has very mixed results with the exception of “Joker”. I’ll stick to my Bib hanger, three weeks now, for the time being. Good luck to us all.

Later . . LS

Hi Nostradomus,

I guess you can use your Bib hanger as an ADS (All Day Stretcher) like the penimaster does…

Maybe attaching an elastic band to the hanger and to your leg??

If it works, it could provide a constant light stretch for prolonged use…

This way you could benefit from both techniques with only one device.


I wanted to use my Bib as an all day stretcher but found it was to noticable even with the baggest of baggy pants.


How do you guys with 8” or more want a bigger dick? Some of us guys with less than 5” are just blown away and frankly disgusted. Maybe it’s just envy, but hell when is enough going to be enough? I didn’t mean to criticize but what do you want with such a huge dong? Impress yourself or your partner? Well, whatever works for you. Go for it!

Later . . LS


Almost everyone wants a bigger dick, even those with 8 inches. I started at 5.9 NBP and want about 8” NBP. I’ll plan to stop when I get there, but I know I’ll surely be thinking that it would be cool to have a bit more.

I’ve built a stretcher based on chickenchoker’s design and hope to post some results soon. It’s similar enough to the penimaster to post here :)

I have already measured my longest FSBPL ever since I started using it.

can anyone explain the difference in price of the JES extender vs. the penismaster—it (jes) is so expensive!! does it have advantages over the penismaster?

I know there are more of you using the penimaster.
C’mon guys post your results!! I am interested in purchasing it but I need more convincing from you guys :)

How much gained.

How many hrs a day.

How long used in total.

Concerning the other products similar to the jes-extender with the loop silicone noose. They say on the websites you can sleep with it? Is that not a better alternative? I’ve already ordered my penimaster, is there any way I can wear that at night?

Sometimes it works to wear it at night but I normally wake up 1 hour later, because it gets very uncomfortable.

I still try to wear it the whole night, but some days I can’t even sleep while wearing it so I have to take it off.

BTW by trying this you should decrease the tension (during the day I wear it at full tension)

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Actually basing on my experience, PE device such as penimaster do have an effect to overall size gain.

It is just a matter of the compatibility between the device and the user. Some physique can adapt to tension pull and shows amazing results such as 1/2” a month gain. But others are less adaptive and it may take sometime to develope. The root word here is PATIENCE. Don’t overdo it to avoid disability.

Good luck

Great! I am so horrible at making spreadsheets!

This would be mucho appreciated!


Keep working, keep learning


Which extender is better Penimaster or penimaster pro or x4labs.

Why did you revive an almost decade old thread…?

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

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Thread Necromancy!!


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