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Penimaster results poll


on 08-27-2003 you wrote

> I have only been doing PE for 2 months…im only 5.5 long erect and 6 girth erect… So any ways this is my 2nd month at it and just got the ruler out this morning and I am 6.5 long erect and 7 girth erect witch I am well happy with. As for my goals as soon as I get to 7 inch long erect I will stop<

Does this mean that in the 9 days between 27 Aug and 4 Sept you put on another half inch and squeezed in a month of penimaster usage. So you must now be 7” in length and be wanting to stop. Is that right? I must admit I’m confused.

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I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I am afraid that someone from the penimaster company could make a memberships on this forum to advertise for the product and then he is not cautious enough on what he writes as with this case of two inconsistent post.

Again I say…no offend to joker or anyone but what memento wrote just released this thoughts in me.

Anybody that thinks there going to gain a half inch a month with a Penimaster or any other device or program will be disappointed and a few bucks poorer. Not to say you won’t get gains just not anywhere near that clip. Maybe the first month you might reclaim some lost size if your in your 30’s or older so it will seem like a big fast gain.

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I don’t want to speak out against Thunder, Memento, and Dino here because I have the utmost respect for you guys, but perhaps it was just a simple mistake on Joker’s part. You chaps are right, though, to bring this point up - and perhaps Joker can appease this misunderstanding by giving some more details about his gains and when exactly they occurred.


I’m on a routine that includes about 6 hrs/day use of the penimaster, six days a week (sunday I spend with gf, oops fiance). according to most of the studies out there, you can expect to gain .000616 in./hr or approx. .25in/405 hrs. of use. The JES Extender reports gains of .001in/hr. @1200gr traction by their study. I’ve heard a urologist admit somewhere that you can non-surgically increase the length of the penis through sustained traction throughout the day for an approx. gain of 1/8in. per month, and that most people are simply not interested in the dedication it requires.

No one who has used a traction device for less than 90 days with at least 6 hrs. use / day would notice anything, most likely. This takes dedication.

in the last week I’ve accumulated 40hrs of use which translates into about three one-hundredths of one inch of gain!! In a year that’ll be 1.5inches
I most likely won’t see “measureable” results for two months, and then only around .25 inches.

I created a little pocket xl spreadsheet, that I keep on my pocketpc phone, to log in my times and compute my new projected length on a daily basis. It’s motivating to see the hundredths of inches adding up every day. The spreadsheet tells me …

my projected length, updated daily
actual length at last measurement,
last date measured,
the total change so far,
the total hours used,
the hours until my next measurement, at a projected 1/4 in. gain.
and the approx. days to next measeurement.

as well as a history of use in day increments.

I bought a digital watch with a stopwatch and countdown timer which I use to accurately track total time used and to warn me to remove the device if worn for too long.

in addition, I measure stretched length as my main measurement. To insure that I measure accurately, I measure using the penimaster to stretch the penis at 1150gr. This way I eliminate the possibility of inconsistent force used to measure. The base ring makes it measure a little shorter, but in return I get a very accurate reading as the base makes a solid foundation to apply the measuring device to. And really, I’m only interested in seeing gains - I could care less exactly what the ruler reads. I know I’ll have a big dick if it works (eventually).


Sounds like you’re on the right track Dem. The spreadsheet idea is excellent - 1.5” in a year could change your sex life - so it’s definitely worth it. And the spreadsheet will help you keep motivated through that year. Best of luck.



Thanks. And BTW, everyone let me know if you want me to post a copy of the spreadsheet that I made.

Right now I’m going by the average results found in the JesExtender study to make the computations for projected results. They apparently have been presented at medical conferences and hold some chance of validity - we’ll see.


Very cool Indeed Dem.

I say post it dem2. My head has been getting numb lately from it so I’m backing off a little. And is this happening to anyone else, just the head not the shaft.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.


No problem bro, I wasn’t even trying to say that he was lying but I think he measured wrong to begin with or he just got some reclaimed size that he had lost. I just didn’t want everyone to run out and buy one based on what joker was saying.


Your are very smart guy, thanks for putting the facts out there in a way we all could understand.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally posted by n2growing
I say post it dem2. My head has been getting numb lately from it so I'm backing off a little. And is this happening to anyone else, just the head not the shaft.

When I use too much tension, I get this too. Back off a little and I can wear it for 3 hours+

SWM, what’s your preferred tension then in terms of how many tension bars you have showing?


Stillwantmore, wow 3 hours straight..Good advice I will ease her back a little. If only the penis would work with us more and let us pull and stretch as hard as we wanted to make the gains we need. Its a damn fine line between growing and messing something up..

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Penimaster advice . . .

I highly recommend using some light cotton wrap under the noose. At first I was skeptical about this, thinking that the skin-to-rubber traction was crucial to keeping the device on, but I was wrong. If comfort is a problem, then give that a try.

Also, on the topic of numbness … I use the Penimaster totally maxed out - no bars showing I’m guessing 1200gr. or just a bit more - the catch is that I take the device off to restore bloodflow about every 50mins. or sooner if necessary. When I have to move about with it on I set it at a lower tension - around 950gr by the description of the increments in the manual. That way bending over to pick up some change in the grocery store doesn’t end with a mysterious device falling out of my pant leg!! :-0
with the device maxed out, changing the position of the pelvis can cause added tension, pulling the head from the noose. Also, lower tension does allow you to wear it for longer periods before blood flow becomes an issue.

I almost gave up on the thing when I first got it because the rubber belt kept slipping loose. All that was needed was a butterfly paperclip (medium-sized) hold the ends tight on the backside of the apparatus. After getting the belt tensioned right, just clip the ends of the belt together on the underside of the device and it won’t budge.

I’ll try to post a copy of the Excel spredsheet tomorrow.



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