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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Originally Posted by cheeba
I’m interested in this extender, any advice?

I see this thread has been inactive for a wile. I am currently using a spring style extender with a comfort strap, however when I am uncomfortable is because thw comfort strap is cutting off circulation to the glans!

Hey man, I’ve had my Penimaster Pro for a couple weeks now and really enjoy it. Check out my thread, link below, for updates and be sure to ask any questions.

Started: 6.75" BPEL, 8" (20 cm) BPFSL (1/2015) x 5" (12.5 cm) EG; Current (7/2017): 8" (20 cm) BPEL, 8.2" (20.5 cm) BPFSL x 5.8" (14.5 cm) EG; Gains (7/2017): 1.25" (3.125 cm) EL, 0.2" (0.5 cm) BPFSL x 0.8" (2 cm) EG

Short-term goal: 8.25 (20.625 cm) BPEL, 8.3" (20.75 cm) BPFSL x 6" (15 cm) EG; Long-term goal: 9" (22.5 cm) BPEL x 6" EG

Xtended's Progress Report

Originally Posted by xtendeddick
Hey man, I’ve had my Penimaster Pro for a couple weeks now and really enjoy it. Check out my thread, link below, for updates and be sure to ask any questions.


Just left a comment on your progress thread.

How you find the pm compared with the generic noose/ strap type extenders? Worth the extra dough?
Also comparison with vac extender. I am only assuming you may have used these other devices if not no problem.


Starting on 2013-08-16 :EL: 5.75" (14.6cm) / EG: 4.75"

Short-term goal set 01/06 15: EL: 6.75" (17.14cm) / EG 5"

I’m getting back into hanging again, was using a clamp type system. The one thing I always hated is I would usually hang in sets of 20-30mins or so, so having to take off the clamp, wait and then reapply everything.

I like how the PM pro seemingly attaches on and off quickly, and painlessly. Anyone know of any design changes I can use to match that?

I was just reading on PEgym today from someone that had a Phallosan Forte and a Penimaster Pro. He did a comparison in 2013. An interesting read.

Ordered From Aliexpress

I ordered a similar device from aliexpress. It looks and has all the same components as the penimaster, minus the suction bulb. But it was only $50 compared to almost $300. I was considering ordering the real deal but I read reviews about components breaking after the first few weeks.

Hi everyone. I own a Penimaster pro and have started using it this past week averaging 5hours per day. I have a couple questions.
How do you measure if you are extending past your BPEL? Because that’s whats necessary right? Its hard to tell where my glands end inside the white suction cup. Do you just estimate? I find it hard to tell if its stretching past BPEL.
Also do you guys measure temporary gains once you come out and get erect?


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Has anyone tried the extender Andropenis with covered glans? If the nipple presses under the crown’s glans, even if it is covered, it should works properly, right?

I have one and I love it, so comfortable to wear, I can wear it up to 10 hours if I’m spending my day at home, 0 pain and it gives a super stretch

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge


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