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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Originally Posted by Rambone
If you slide your finger between your skin and the bands while tightening, you can avoid the pinch.

Uneven tension is to be expected, but tomake them the same tension on both sides seems to me that it would only encourage uneveness in sides. I’m not sure about that. I should give it a try. So far, I put a lot more tension on my left side because it seems shorter there as it leans a bit to the left.

I tried that earlier today and it worked wonderfully.

Originally Posted by hughGRection

Yes, but its the theory that counts…

Okay so let’s call it Rambone’s All Day Bundled Stretch.

I think the Penimaster is pretty much the same as the (more expensive) Jes Extender which I have been using (on and off) for 2 years. In that time I have gained half an inch (going from 7.5 to 8 inches BPEL). I think I may have done better if I hadn’t gone for so much stretch in the early days. Comfort depends a lot on whether your cut or uncut. I’m uncut and found that I had to fasten the loop with the foreskin retracted and securing it over the sponge pads (supplied by the company) which are fitted over the penis behind the glans. Using this method I can manage 3 hour stretches comfortably with low tension. Since reading the excellent article on stretching at low tension on this site I’ve changed my approach to stretching and look forward to renewed gains. Wearing the device under trousers needs care when sitting or driving as you need to sit reclined. Walking about is not a problem but the bulge might be off-putting for some - actually I’ve noticed some curious glances from female work colleagues!

Do these types of ADSs give you all over girth increases too?


The studies that I have seen and the traction study summarized on claim that these traction devices increase both length and girth. I believe most of us on this site use multiple PE methods and devices though so it might be difficult for some of those who have achieved girth gains to determine whether they have come from jelqing, ULIs and horse squeezes or using this device.

The studies that I have seen also claim that the test subjects wore these devices 8 - 12 hours a day. I did the math and averaged the figures quoted in several studies. I determined that if I used one of these devices exclusively that I would have to wear it between 1000 and 1500 hours in order to gain an inch in length. Some of the studies also seem to imply that since traction induces cellular growth that there is virtually no limit to the gains you can achieve.

Here is a link to a summary of one of those studies:…_research.shtml

This study claims that the research subjects gained an average of .47 centimeters (.1888 inches ) per month in Erect length and .48 centimeters in flaccid length. They also claimed that the monthly girth increase was .80cm - ( this seems very unrealistic to me after studying the PE data on this site). In addition, after using the device for six months the subjects gained 27.5% of their initial erect lengths.

Alas, I am a skeptic. Note I said skeptic and not cynic. I still bought one! It would be interesting to take a test group of volunteers from this site who were willing to wear these devices 7 days a week for 8 hours a day and report their results back to us. It would also be interesting to have two test groups, one just beginning PE with this device and one group who had been PEing long enough for growth to begin to slow notably then compare the results between the groups.

If I extrapolate from this particular “study”, with a starting length of 7.5 inches I could expect to be 9.56 BPEL if I used the average percent gained over 6 months or 8.832 if I used the average length gain achieved during the test period. If I thought that were true I believe I would take a six month sabbatical!

In most of the “studies” and advertising claims though the key ingredient tends to be time. More hours = more size.

(365.25/2) = 182.625 Days in 6 months

(182.625 * 8) = 1460.8 Hours spent in traction

3.33cm/1.332 Inches Average Reported Gains for 6 month, 8 hour, 7 day per week use of device

( 1460.8/1.332 ) = 1096.697. That is approximately 1100 hours for an inch. So, according to this study, if I used a traction device exclusively 6 days a week, 4 hours a day, I might gain an inch in 46 weeks.

Did any of you guys had any gains from stretching upward (using Penimaster). It’s more comfortable that way and I just want to know if as effective as stretching downward.

I just started using it and according to manufacturer’s documentation it can be worn up or down. In order to use the device a minimum of three hours a day I have to wear it up in a covert manner. The product documentation also states that the device stretches both the ligs and the tunica. It would seem that if the device was flipped upright then the lig stretch would be negated. The product documentation also states that the penis growth that occurs is through celluar growth and not “penis stretching”. This statement seems to conflict with lig stretching statement. Wearing the device upright is my primary option though so I will update my PE data and my personal progress report page in a month.

Originally Posted by Mjinina

Did any of you guys had any gains from stretching upward (using Penimaster). It’s more comfortable that way and I just want to know if as effective as stretching downward.

I wear mine both up, down and straight out.

Originally Posted by hughGRection

( 1460.8/1.332 ) = 1096.697. That is approximately 1100 hours for an inch. So, according to this study, if I used a traction device exclusively 6 days a week, 4 hours a day, I might gain an inch in 46 weeks.

Interesting. I believe someone figured a similar number of hrs per inch for BIB’s hanging gains.

I’m on my second hour today and this thing feels great. I can now get it on without pinching.

I have used the penistretcher on and off for about 2 years. The penistretcher is very similar to the penimaster and the JES extender. I have also tried pumping and the GRIP system. Basically, I have been a dedicated user of the penistretcher for two six month periods during the last two years, with long breaks in between. When I have been using the device, I usually use moderate strecthing for two - three hours per day, four days a week. During each six month period, I gained about 0.5 inches in erect length; beginning at 5.75 inches and ending now around 6.75 erect inches (7+ ebp). My observations are as follows:

1. Slow steady use is key, but growth comes in spurts. Put it on while watching TV and try to forget it. I find it too distracting to wear during work though.

2. You must pull the foreskin (or whatever skin you have) forward before attaching the device in order to get a comfortable fit around the glans. I am of the definate opinion that this also results in a better stretch.

3. Girth is definately improved, but I haven’t kept careful track of how much. Let’s just say that I am fatter and have remained in proportion as I grew in length. I am currently 5.5 in in circumference.

4. Over time (a long time) the device gets more comfortable to wear, and you get used to the sensation.

5. Excessive or extreme stretching is counterproductive. Better to stretch for two hours a day at moderate tension, than 30 minutes at extreme tension.

All in all I am happy with the results and am shooting for 7.5in.


Thanks sean. This is useful information. When you where getting your gains from using the penistretcher were you doing any other form of PE?

Anyone heard of or had experience of this device?

I have a penimaster but its too uncomfortable to wear, so its not going to happen. Also it cant be worn under clothes unless one has stick thin thighs and wears baggy sweat pants.

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

I have not seriously pursued any other method. I have tried ADS devices, the grip, jelqing; but basically I attribute most of my gains to consistent use of the penistretcher. It’s a pain to get used to, but is basically a passive device, which works for me, and I can wear it under baggy clothes at home without a major problem.



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