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Penimaster anyone tried it?


I can’t post the pics right now because a duplicate pic error comes up when I try to post in the member pics forum. I’ll try again Tuesday.


Here is the link to the pics. wol0003 - penimaster and homedics wrap Please check them out. This has helped me more than any else I’ve tried with the Penimaster.


I just want to make sure you know that I am still using the rubber strap. The Homedics wrist wrap goes over the strap. The wrap adds more holding tension and also keeps the strap notches from bending through the holder.

When I started to use more stretching tension a few weeks ago I had to make the rubber strap tighter or I was slipping out after 1 hour. The tighter strap was cutting off blood flow to my head (numb head after 20 minutes). The wrap applies an extra downforce, but does not constrict.

paging DrMT


What is your progress? It’s been a long time since we’ve had an update. You were making very fast gains a while back. Please let us know how things are going

Wol, where did you get the Homemedics strap from?

Also, which rods are you using, and do you wear it up or down?

wol, I’ve not been as consistent over the last month and a half as I previously was. I’ve been a bit distracted and PE hasn’t been my priority, but I’ve still been wearing on average 2 hours a day 5 days or so per week. The gains have slowed, especially the girth, but are still coming. My total gains since the middle of March or so are 7/8 inch erect length and 9/16 inch erect girth.

I have stopped doing manual excersizes because my curve was starting to straighten out. Since I stopped the curve seems to be holding and hopefully will continue to.

How is everyone else gaining? I’m curious to see a report from someone who has used a stretcher for a couple of years?


I bought it at Rite Aid. Walgreens also has it. It is the Homedics Thera-P magnetic wrist wrap. I wear it perpendicular to my body. If I am laying flat in my back, it is pointing straight up. This is the most comfortable for me. I get zero ball sack burn and my pubic bone feels much better than if it is pointing to my navel. You can see from the pictures that I have a drawstring hoisting my penis to that angle. It is actually the drawstring to my pajamas. It works great. The drawstring is still running through my pajama’s waistline. I just tie a knot in the string and hoist away.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Well, here it is, one week after my penimaster rod broke off and I just received the replacement parts from Germany. God, they know customer service!!! I’m impressed.

DrMT is your girth uniform or just at the base? What other girth exercises are you doing currently?


So, I now have the Vacutech pump, The Grip System and the Penimaster. Have had all these awhile. One thing that I have tried recently is to hang the weights for 45 minutes which makes the head swell up big, then stuff the large head into the PM for a few hours, followed by the pump and another 45 minutes of hanging weights( 8 lbs.) in the evening. Not sure if it will work, just trying it out.

Originally posted by GC24
Yea, have you noticed that the head pulls the black holder tabs out because of the tension on it?

I use a rubber band to make the black holder tabs lay flat. I wrap the rubber band around the tabs on the top and bottom. The holder tabs on the right side will then point to the right, and the left ones point to the left.


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