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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Originally posted by supersizeit
Thats great news Matti!!! :)
Unfortunately, I actually managed to break mine after only a week!
The plastic part that holds the metal pivot (swiveling part) snapped,
however its a good opportunity to see if they honor their “replacement policy”
I Think it was Guiri that received a refund when he requested it.
Lets see if they send me my replacement part. I sent back the defective part on 6/12/03. The round trip should take about 2 weeks based on a 1 week ship time from my original order.

Wow! These guys have excellent customer service! I received my replacement part (base) on 6/21/03. Excellent response time considering that we are talking round trip shipping from New York to Germany. They even threw in an extra tray. Cool!

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Originally posted by wol0003
I've been going at it now for two and a half months. 480 hours and I haven't broken anything yet, that includes the rubber strap. We must be using different tensions with the strap. I find that if I get a really good tacky grip, then I don't have to tension down as much. This keeps my circulation better and doesn't break the straps.

Any gains?

Close call

My first close call with the PM was yesterday, I was visiting a friend in Manhattan late at night and I was wearing it under some loose fitting baggy pants when all the sudden, I was approached by a hot looking hooker. I started to get an instant erection and the dam thing started to feel a little uncomfortable because of the sudden pull (traction) on it…

She said something like:

How about a date with me hot stuff?

She was hot and definitely my type but I was pressed for time and I was wearing the PM and I knew that I would have to pass on it. We chatted for a little while, she asked me what turns me on and

I said:
Your feet in my face or a nice foot job or letting me slurp on your toes and then I pound you unmercifully like there is no tomorrow :chuckle:

She said: (with a devilish grin) So I have been told, Hmmmmmm
Foot fetish guy? huh? Kinky but I can deal with that and satisfy your fetish to no end but first let me see what kind of package you got under there because I want to know what I will be working with. Let me touch you there…can I touch you there?

I immediately took a step back and said NO!!! you cant!!!!

I silently said to myself “Oh God, if this were any other day I would not react like that, why did I have to be wearing this PM today!
She kept saying Cmon, whats wrong? are you shy?

I said:
UHHHHH mmmmmm NO!!! its just that I want to savor that moment for when you and I are alone but I cant see you right now anyway, why don’t you give me a way to get in touch with you or something and we can meet later.

She said:
OK but I just want a quick feel so that I know what to expect.

I said again: I cant let you do that! Give a cell phone # or something.

She said: I really dont have a way for you to get in touch with me.

She looked so dissapointed and I felt like a lame high school kid that was never around a hooker before but I was so rock hard by then that I said just give me a moment Uhhhhhh Im thirsty, I need a drink, I will be right back…Stay right here!!! Dont move!!!

She said: OK Foot man (with a seductive “fuck me” look on her face)

God I wanted to bury it inside her so bad!!!

I made a dash in to a nearby deli and asked to use the bathroom and I went in and took the dam thing off in a hurry, it was killing me and in more ways than one :chuckle:

When I came out, I said OK Ive changed my mind, you can touch me! :chuckle:

At 8.125BPx6.0 I knew I had the goods. I was still rock hard and took great pleasure in her startled reaction when she touched me and her eyes lit up and

She said: OH MY GOD!!! I will suck you dry, I must have you now,why on earth were you so hesitant to let me touch you before with a monster like that?

I said…Ohhhhhh, I guess I was just a little shy, thats all.

She said:
You will kill me with that thing!!!

She was petite,she stood about 5’1 OR 5’2, maybe about 100 to 110 pounds. I am 6.0 feet tall and 185 pounds.

She look like she had went into heat and thats when I said I have to go now but since you don’t want to give me a way to get in touch with you, what can I say or do? I left her hot and bothered but I had a nice cheap thrill!!!

Before I left, She said I will always be here at this corner at around this time…come see me when you are ready Foot man! and she :mwink: at me! :p

Note: In reality I dont like to pay for it when I know I can get it for free anytime I want but I might have made an exception for her. Maybe in the near future??!!! :p

BTW…this is post 500 for me! Cool!!!

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


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comfort tip


I had to take a week off a short while ago due to a sore that developed between my head and shaft, on the top side. I have found something that is really working for me. check out the pic. I am using a make up pad from Walgreens on the top side of my head and shaft. I am also using one at the base to stop the “burning ballsack.” I have also started to use baby powder all over, and that is also helping. The grip is great with the make up pad. I hope this helps ou guys.

EDIT: Wols, please repost your pic in the Members' Pics Forum. I removed it from this post. Thanks !! ThunderSS

Hi wol0003,

Have you considered the advice to avoid the “burning ballsack”?.

After put the PM on, try to slide as much skin from your ballsack (scrotum) trough the base ring. This should release the stretching from base ring on the scrotum.

An alternative solution is to put the PM up toward your chest, instead down. Since i wear it that way, the burning in scrotum is gone.

Have you seen any gains now?



Yes, I do pull my skin through.

If I point to far up, I then get a burning pubic bone skin. I try to keep my penis perpendicular to my body (less lig stretch and most comfort for my crotch skin). I use a tube of cut out sock and a make up pad at the base. That keeps thing under control. I also use my Pajama drawsting to hoist my dick at a right angle to my body. There’s a pic coming from my last post.

Sorry Matti,

Yes, I have seen gains. 1/8” first month, 1/8” second month and possibly 1/8 last two weeks (I measured last night and was just short of an eight inch). I was going 6 hours per day the first two months. The first week of June I started 12 hours per day. I was able to go 10 days until I my penis needed a major pit stop; between the head and shaft was raw. It took about a week to totally heal. Started up again around the 17th. So, I’ve been going 12 hours per day for roughly two and a half weeks.

Hi wol0003,

Man, that’s a lot of effort wearing it 12 hours a day !!

I gather from what you wrote that your used the PM almost 3 months, is that right?
If so, i can say that I almost gained the same as you in about the same time (if im right)… The difference is that i only wear it 2 or 3 hours/day (always maximal stretch).

This leads me to think that so much time effort is no needed…
What do you think about?

This is anyway not conclusive observations. I know of course that everyone is different and that the gains could periodically change…



Yes it is a challenge every day to put in 12 hours. My main reason I havn’t gone to a higher tension is that I do not want to stretch my ligs. I do not want my erect penis angle to change.

Hi wol0003,

I recommend you to go to higher stretch tension, because i do not think it will stretch your ligs to much (specially wearing it upwards).

If I well remember stretching at maximal tension should correspond to about 1.3 kg weight. I do not think that so little weight can elongate your ligs too much.

Concerning wearing time, the answer could probably be between your time and mine, something in the middle = 4, 5 or 6 hours/day.


Hi everyone,

I need some help: Could someone please send me the email address that I should use to get a replacement supporting surface? I used the first email address they gave on the site, but I have had no reply in 5 days. Thanks.

My life will be complete with an 8X6.

Hi pez,

I used this one:

Though, i speak German…

Let me know If you need help with translations.

How are you progressing?


P.D: When tight or detach the ribbon to the supporting surface take much care to not hold the supporting surface at its ends. Better hold the piece with two fingers in the middle

Another possibility is to call them. I can’t remember the name of the guy I spoke to, but he was quite helpful, and he gave me another email addy (of a woman in (or from) England, if I recall rightly). Although they did take a few days to answer, and he had already solved my problem beforehand.


Jeez…I guess nobody thought my story was funny.

I guess it was my bad to post it here in this thread anyway.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


I am very happy that I bought this PM…I knew that I had made the right decision, it just felt right to me and I went with it. I have been using it only for about 2 weeks, about 9 hours a day but I have combined it with my Pumping workouts.

I very rarely measure my flaccid hang because I am more concerned with erect length but yesterday I went to the bathroom and while I was peeing, I suddenly became aware of the fact that it looked longer and even seem to weigh a little more. I guessed that it was about 6.5 flaccid but I wanted to confirm the guess and I did a NBP measurement. Lo and behold 6.5 on the nose!!! I was amazed!!!. However I checked it again today and it was 6.25 (some fluctuations from day to day) Although my normal erect BP is now 8.25. I though it would be more than this but I guess the erect has not caught up with the corresponding flaccid? This is all so sudden! I feel great!!! It means that my goals are within reach.

Here is my routine:

AM 500 jelqs (About 15- 20 min.)

30 min Pumping

Penimaster for 9 hours
Breaks of 1 hour every 3 hours (Total time with breaks- 11 hours)

PM Immediately after removal- 60 min pump session.

2000mg of C

This may be the Holy Grail of PE!!! (for me at least)

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since



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