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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Hi everybody,

Sorry to keep alive this thread, but I have promised to post my measurements related with the PM.

So, I measured today after a bit more than 3 months of use, and this are the results (BPEL):

about 3 months ago: 17.5 cm (about 6.88 inch)

now: 18.3 cm (7.20 inch)

gained length: 0.8 cm ( ??? inch)

girth: have not measured but it feels bigger in the hand…

I used the device, after the first 2 weeks, with almost maximal stretching force for about 2 or 3 hours a day (with long breaks between wearing time). I use the pumping head technique to avoid head slipping.

Made about 2 weeks break due to vacations and lack of time.
I know this is the minimum time effort as described in the user manual, but i have no more time less to put in (penis is not the most important in my live).

My considerations:
I am a bit surprised because i would not expect any gains, because i am a bit suspicious with the whole PE thing, and due to the minimum effort i put in (user manual says the device should be worn about 8 hours/day).

I do not know if i measured well, it was the same way as the last time. If i only gained 0.5 cm (instead 0.8 cm due to measured error), thats not but for me.
Anyway, the results are there and I have to assume that it works in a slow manner.


Thats great news Matti!!! :)

Unfortunately, I actually managed to break mine after only a week!

The plastic part that holds the metal pivot (swiveling part) snapped,

however its a good opportunity to see if they honor their “replacement policy”

I Think it was Guiri that received a refund when he requested it.

Lets see if they send me my replacement part. I sent back the defective part on 6/12/03. The round trip should take about 2 weeks based on a 1 week ship time from my original order.

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I received a full refund (less postage as warned) when I returned the thing. I had passed one or two days the time limit (I desperately need to start thinking in English again - that last sentence just doesn’t sound right) but the refunded it anyway.

And another user received spare rubber parts when requested I believe, but I can’t remember who


They replaced the plastic tray when i broke it and also sent me 2 spare rubber parts, i have broken the tray again and sent them a message, they replied saying they would send me another replacement, i will let you know if i get it.



I also broke the base where it holds the rod in. I just sent them pictures and asked them to send another one. A week later, I recieved a box with a new base and rods, 1 extra rubber strip, and 2 extra of the smallest size rod. Very nice service.

Last week I broke the plastic try. They told me to just send it back and they will send a new one or two. No questions asked. I can’t remember the last time it was so easy to return a product under warrantee.

Actually they just emailed me back and don’t even want me to send the broken tray back. He asked for my address and said he would just a new one to me!


I am just curious how you can break the tray. I definately can see how the base could get snapped, but the tray seems so strong. Did it break as you were tensioning the strap? Were you putting direct pressure on the bottom of the tray. Pease let me know so I can possibly avoid breaking it.


Service works very well, i broke the “supporting surface” (where you fast the rubber) a time ago, and they send me (without returning back the broken piece) a new one with extra rubber belts. And that in a record time of 3 days (inside Europe shipment).

I handle it now more carefully, specially when you fast the rubber belt to the “supporting surface” (the piece with 2 slots). Do not hold the supporting surface by its ends. Better hold it in the middle when you tight the rubber…


Thats what i meant, it was the supporting surface i broke, i find this piece to be quite delicate and i am careful when fastening the rubber strap.



Hi guys, still having little success with the PM but am staying with it! I want to post a pic but still a bit scared as there are no pics on here of anyone who has had surgery and hence the scar!

I received 2 replacement supporting surfaces today along with one new rubber strap, i am very pleased with the customer service,



Yes, it does seem they have good customer service - very important when you are unsure of buying. A pity other companies did not act in the same way.


My order for the Penimaster was processed on June 4th. I should be receiving it any day now. I live in the United States, so they did say it could take around 2 weeks to get it. I’ll start another post, and give everyone my progress.

So far, with just Jelqing, and some girth exercises, I’ve went from 5” even, to just under 5.7”. I’ve been at this since November of 2002. I’ll keep everyone updated with my progress.

11/02: 5.0" Beginning of Program 1/03: 5.5" 1.5 mos into program 2/03 5 5/8" When worked up. Haven't had the time to get into the workouts like I used to. But I should be seeing gains again, as I have been back at it. I'll keep everyone updated. 7/03 Knocking on 5 3/4" door. Girth is still around 4 1/2".

I’ve actually broken pretty much every part of mine, i even stood on it once and snapped both the ring and the support base at the same time, and all i did was send them an e-mail and they replaced everything within a few days.

The only problem i have with the PM is that the rubber part that actually grips the head always rips in the same place so i have to keep re-ordering them and they only seem to want to send you a max of 2 replacements at any time.

But as they do replace anything in only a few days i can’t really blame them. Top quality support like this is very rare.

I’ve been going at it now for two and a half months. 480 hours and I haven’t broken anything yet, that includes the rubber strap. We must be using different tensions with the strap. I find that if I get a really good tacky grip, then I don’t have to tension down as much. This keeps my circulation better and doesn’t break the straps.


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