PE Equipment for sale - AndroPenis Stretcher and VacADS

Hi everyone,

I have for sale some PE equipment which I found really great at the beginning of my PE journey. Now I’m approaching the end of that journey - I’m near my goal (8.5x6) and my fiance say she’s doesn’t want me to go any bigger. I have the following in almost-new condition, with only light use:

AndroPenis Automatic Stretcher (Jes-Extender) - £75

AutoExtender VacADS All-Day Stretcher - £35

The original price of these was £149 and £70.

I’ll part with them both for £105 plus postage.

I know how I’d feel considering buying second hand penis accessories from some guy I’ve never met - but I have cleaned and sterilised them and checked they all work okay.

Check out the pics and if you have any questions let me know. I’ve also advertised this elsewhere so I may have to take this advert down.

Thanks guys, and good luck PEing

Rix (

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Starting: 6.5 " x 5.25" BPEL/EG 25/6/09

Goal: 8.25" x 6.5" BPEL/EG