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Part timer looking to buy an extender


Part timer looking to buy an extender

Hey guys I’ve experiment with PE and I just don’t like jelqing so I’ve been clamping but not really seeing alot of progress there and what I want more than anything would be more length. Girth doesn’t hurt but length is what my main area of improvement that I’m looking for. So I’m looking into Extenders and I would like your help. Right now I’m looking at the Phallosan as you can wear it at night which is something that I’m looking for because I don’t really want to wear it during the day or out around town underneath my jeans. Any comments and help appreciated!

Wearing the device while sleeping serves to nothing.

Why is it mariners? I know a couple of people who wear it at night and the other night and day. They have both gained. However One says he has take out phallosan during night.

I know people who I hold reliable who tried wearing a vacuum hangers while sleeping or even 24/24 and gained nothing. Beside that, while sleeping you have nocturnal erections. You should never interfere with nocturnal erections, or your body will think you have an illness and it will go in ‘dfensive mode’.

Finally, quality of sleep will suffer and sleep is very, very important for the mind and the body.

This is from the phallosan forte site “If an erection occurs, a slight pressure will be felt on the head of the penis. No pain will occur, as the special condom will expand slightly.” Also if you are not recommending the phallosan Marinera then what extender would you recommend for a part timer?

Marinera that sounds logical, but as NewGuy15 points out the site indicates that it should be fine if an erection occurs!!

The site that sells the device? I’m not saying a single erection while in the device will necessarily cause a damage, by the way.

I’m not recommending any special device, while you sleep you should just sleep. The damages your body suffers while awake, get repaired while you sleep. Anything that cause discomfort while you sleep has potential to lower growth hormone and testosterone, to make an example.

I see so your not against the device you are against the practice of wearing it during sleep. Alright, now here is a different question what is the best extender for my buck?

The cheapest you can find. If you don’t find noose-style extender uncomfortable you can make the best device on the market with 10 bucks, check Cantlook’ threads.

Hi guys i’ve been looking around and this looks to be the cheapest i can find for an extender,…=penisextenders, it doesn’t seem like a lot of money for me and was wondering what you more experienced member think about it?

It is probably worth a try. If it seems to work ok but you find the noose uncomfortable, you should look into the VacExtender mod kit for about $79.

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Yeah wearing at night is crazy, don’t say we didn’t tell you so when your dick stops working. You can get an extender for less than $15 from alibaba. I got mine yesterday and it looks good, same as what most companies sell for 10x the price.

You wan’t one with the cradle and noose too, like this.

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I won’t be wearing it at night now thanks to the advice from this forum. It makes sense what you guys say and i have bought an extender that i hope works decently. I’ll update once it gets here and also after the first month or so of use.

Try it out.

So i got my extender and have been experimenting with it but the only issue is i’m not sure if I’ve got it right. i think i should feel some tension but it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of tension there. I took a picture and would upload it if i knew how. Also if i put the longer bars on its difficult to get my head into the noose.

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